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Beauty and Barber School Glossary of Terms: Useful Vocabulary to Know The beauty industry comes with a language all its own. Here, we'll look at some words you may need to know as a beauty student, license exam candidate, and beauty professional.

Succeeding as a Cosmetologist: a Q&A with Our This post is part of our Winners Spotlight series, where we share what inspires beauty school students, their experiences and advice for future students, and learn more about their career goals. Inspired by Clyne’s story? Apply for our $2,500 Beauty and…

Expectations vs. Reality: Everything You Need to Know About hip The dream of "being your own boss" in the beauty industry is enticing, synonymous with independence and creativity. However, this entrepreneurial journey, while fulfilling, can also present significant…

*/ 3 Solutions to Get Unstuck: A Student’s Guide to Beauty School Success Everyone starts beauty school excited about a new direction and career. But getting through a program isn't always a breeze—and unfortunately, some students end up dropping out.

*/ Overcoming Challenges & Barriers: Supporting BIPOC Students in College and Trade School

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