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Nurse Esthetician

BSD Staff - 01/25/2021

How to Become a Nurse estheticians are vital parts of many medical or salon and spa teams. They provide services most other esthetics professionals can't, allowing their employers to promote their facilities in unique ways. If you're a nurse who wants to specialize in this field or an esthetician hoping to advance your career,…

Body Image: The 2021 List of Facts, Figures, and Statistics Body image is becoming an increasingly well-known topic, between online campaigns about loving your body, television shows about weight loss, and celebrities being more open about their own struggles with this topic. But how widespread are body image issues? And what contributes to them?

Side Hustles for Beauty Professionals

BSD Staff - 05/11/2020

If you work in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist, esthetician, or other professional, you could likely use extra cash. Who couldn't? This is probably especially true now, what with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the beauty industry so hard. During the pandemic, many beauty professionals are finding success…

Reinvest in Your Cosmetology Business

BSD Staff - 05/06/2020

How to When the Economy is SlowFrom the financial crisis of 2008 to the more recent COVID-19 shutdown, history has given plenty of reasons not to believe the common claim that the beauty industry is recession-proof. Cosmetologists, like everyone else, occasionally experience lean times during which business…

Cosmetology Students and COVID-19

BSD Staff - 03/26/2020

How Cosmetology Schools and Students Are Affected by COVID-19 April 22, 2021 Update Many states are relaxing their COVID restrictions. Refer to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools' excellent Guide to Re-Opening for state-by-state information.

Top Trends of 2020

BSD Staff - 02/20/2020

As a beauty professional, you take pride in knowing about the latest beauty trends and products—but are you ready for an entirely new decade? Whether you prefer science-based beauty products or want to chill with CBD-infused lotions, there is a new trend to satisfy every beauty lover. In 2020, beauty is all about experimenting,…

Men in the Beauty Industry

BSD Staff - 02/20/2020

Thanks to the work of social media influencers and the popularity of streaming shows such as Queer Eye, it’s no longer uncommon to see men making waves in the beauty industry. Despite prevailing stereotypes, some of the world’s most renowned beauty products and practices were introduced by men long before makeup use was…

Cosmetologists Take Action! How to Serve Homeless CommunitiesWhen asked why he was giving free haircuts to homeless individuals in Los Angeles in the run-up to the 2019 holidays, Jason Schneidman, celebrity stylist and owner of THEMENSGROOMER, told a local CBS affiliate that “a haircut can change someone’s life.” He wasn’t being dramatic— a fresh…

Benefits of Thrifting

BSD Staff - 11/11/2019

Thrifting: Good for Your Wallet, Your Wardrobe, and the WorldWhen you walk through the front door of your local thrift store, there is a rush of anticipation. You might find your new favorite winter jacket, a pair of designer jeans, or the perfect outfit for a night on the town—all for just a few dollars.