When you start working in the beauty industry, everyone you meet is part of your potential client base. Everyone wants to look their best, and as a cosmetology professional, you can help them achieve that.

There are many exciting ways you can use your passion for beauty.

State License Requirements

You have to secure an Arkansas beauty license before you work independently with customers. Through the Cosmetology Section of the Arkansas Department of Health, you can apply to take your licensing tests once you have completed 1500 hours of training.

Education Details

It’s important to get the right education to give yourself a strong foundation in this field. Each licensed Arkansas beauty school must meet the same standards. The Arkansas Department of Health requires all cosmetology schools in AR to cover a variety of skills and subjects.

Required Arkansas Cosmetology School Subjects

  • Setup, sanitation, and safety
  • Thermal curling
  • Hairstyling
  • Haircutting
  • Chemical waving
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair bleaching
  • Hair relaxing
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
2 Years
License Renewal Period

Cosmetology licenses in Arkansas must be renewed every two years in odd years by the licensee's birthday. This means that your initial license may be valid for less than two years. Regular practitioner licenses are $50 to renew. Currently, no continuing education hours are required to renew your cosmetology license in Arkansas, but CEUs are always recommended to stay current in the industry.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

In any industry, you have to prove yourself to really get your career going. Cosmetologists have lots of opportunities to build a strong portfolio that impresses salon owners. With your license, you can show of your skills to clients, friends and even family! This industry is expanding, so you want to make your mark now. O*Net expects job openings to increase 14% by 2022 (2016). Cosmetologists in Arkansas earn an average of $24,740 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

Working as a Cosmetologist

Another bonus of working in this field is the fact that you are a walking advertisement for yourself. Just by having great hair, you can catch someone’s eye and refer interested people to your salon chair. As you build your brand on social media and by making every guest in your chair look fabulous, you may be able to fill up your schedule book, become well-known for your favorite beauty techniques, and look forward to work every day. Why not get started now? Check out the list of schools below to find the right cosmetology school in Arkansas for you.

State board Contact Information

Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology
4815 W. Markham St. Slot 8
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone Number: 501-682-2168
Fax Number: 501-682-5640

The Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology can help you with obtaining an Arkansas state cosmetology license, replacing a lost cosmetology license or updating change of name or change of address information.

The state of Arkansas has recognized cosmetology as a bountiful field for anyone
looking for a more eclectic career path for decades. The training process leads
to many becoming polished professionals and also small business owners.
Eager applicants go to these groups for more information.

Arkasnas Department of Health
Professional Beauty Association

Find the Beauty Schools in Arkansas that interest you below,

The Salon Professional Academy

13125 HWY 107,
Sherwood, AR 72120

Program: Cosmetology

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