Find a Cosmetology School in Houston, TX

The city of Houston offers future cosmetologists an eclectic community that includes residents and tourists that require all sorts of beauty services. With your cosmetology license, you can be one of Houston’s premier hair, makeup, or nail artists! You may aim to work in a salon or spa performing hair services? Or maybe you want to work at a nail salon giving manicures or pedicures? Some professionals travel to film and television sets to apply makeup for a living. How cool is that?


Find the right Cosmetology School in Houston

Are you ready to speak with Houston beauty schools that offer cosmetology programs? If so, just sit back and review the list we compiled on this page. Once you decide on your top choices, it only takes a few minutes to let them know you’re interested in this career path. When you speak with Houston area cosmetology schools, ask them any questions you have about living and working in the metro area. They have likely done both, and may have some great tips you can use.

We recommend contacting every cosmetology school that is within a commutable distance, so you fully understand your options. Once you do, set up a time to visit each campus. This is when you’ll really get a feel for each school environment, and their instructors. Taking these steps before you jump into a decision will help you make the right choice for your career goals. If you’re asking, “Where can I find the top options for cosmetology schools near me?” then use the list on this page as your starting point.

Becoming a Cosmetologist in Houston

If you are wondering about the job prospects in Houston for cosmetologists, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has some specific data for Texas beauty students. According to the BLS, Texas ranks 5th in the nation in employment for cosmetologists, and the annual mean wage for this occupation is $26,910. Even more specifically, the Houston area ranks 7th in the nation among metropolitan areas for highest level of employment of cosmetologists (BLS, 2017).

We recommend visiting local salons and spas that hire trained cosmetologists, to learn more about this profession. This can give you a chance to network with current professionals who can give you valuable advice you can apply to your cosmetology school training and career.

Highly-rated Houston salons and spas:

Don’t wait any longer to pursue your dream of working in the Houston beauty industry. There’s always room for more creative professionals who are ready to add their signature style to this diverse Texas community!

Cosmetology Schools in Houston

Getting haircut at cosmetology school in Houston, Texas
Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Houston | Shenandoah - TX

Suite 100, Suite 100
Shenandoah, TX 77385

Program: Cosmetology