Rihanna and $5,000 for a Bottle of Nail Polish?

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 02/21/2012 • Nails

Rihanna and $5,000 for a Bottle of Nail Polish?

Nail polish in an added little accessory that really puts some pizzazz in your look. When you're wearing a little black dress, a fierce shade of red on your fingers and toes can really pop. Even a color that matches your attire, such as a light pink shade of polish with your paisley pink shirt, can be an attractive way to paint your nails. However, the newest revelation in painting your nails is a celebrity-sported trend that includes gel nail polish.

But it's not just your average gel polish. It's a $5,000 bottle of nail polish. Rihanna showed off her gel-painted nails that were done by celebrity manicurist, Kimmie Kyees. Although many celebs are following this trend, Rihanna showed off her gel-manicure at the Grammy's this year. Her nail polish cost $5,000. 

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You're probably wondering, what exactly made this manicure so pricey? First, gel polish goes on smoothly and has the added benefit of lasting longer than many other polishes. Gel polish even maintains its shine and color for extended periods of time. These polishes last up to two or three weeks without chipping. This is probably why celebs are so intrigued to use this form of nail coloring. The polish used on the pop princess's nails was Red Carpet Manicure's Amor 24 gel-polish. This probably doesn't mean very much to you, since some of Red Carpet Manicure's products are priced at less than $15 per bottle. However, the 24 in this gel color means something important -24-karat gold. Yes, that's right, 24-karat gold. Each bottle of the gel-polish is made of real 24K gold, which is why it comes with a $5K price tag.

While your favorite stars are rocking sexy, sparkling nails, you don't have to be envious, because you can have gold infused gel nail polish, too. No, we're not advising you spend your life's savings on nail polish. Instead, we're suggesting that you purchase an alternative, such as Real Gold's flecked top coats. They come in either gold or silver, and are composed of real gold or silver particles that are in the topcoat polish. There are plenty of different ones to choose from, including pure silver glitter, 12K white gold and 22K gold, and they're much more budget-friendly at only $7.95 for a 0.5 oz. bottle. Real Gold Inc. also launched a real precious metal polish costing only $14.95 for a 0.4 oz bottle.