Don't Become the Next Beauty School Dropouts

Most of us have heard the lyrics crooned to “Beauty School Dropout“ from the movie and Broadway performances of Grease. “Your future's so unclear now / What's left of your career now?“ and “Beauty school dropout / No graduation day for you / Beauty school dropout / Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo“ come to mind. Am I right?

Look, you have a choice. You enrolled in cosmetology school, and now you need to do everything possible to make the most of your beauty education. Don't let anything stand in the way of your dream to become the next great beauty maven. We live in a demanding society and many of us struggle to balance the demands of our jobs, family, education and personal lives. While it may seem difficult to keep these parts of our lives in-sync, it is not an impossible task.  There are many educational options and resources available to help beauty school students find success. Whether you are a new or returning beauty school student, with a little planning and a lot of determination, you have the power to get the absolute most possible out of your beauty school education and avoid becoming the next beauty school dropout.

According to Harvard's Pathways to Prosperity study, “29 percent of [students] who start two-year degrees finish them within three years.“ The study also examines why so many students drop out of school. The report lists being ill-prepared for academics, the demands of rigorous study, the increasing cost of education and the difficulty of balancing family life and work as some of the top reasons students leave school. Well we wholeheartedly believe that you don't have to be a part of the percentage that become beauty school dropouts.

The first road block people tend to encounter is how to pay for cosmetology school. You know you've gotta pay for it somehow, so plan ahead! Of course save as much as you can, but knowing that's not always enough, here are some other options to consider. Aspiring beauty students should begin by applying for federal financial aid through the U.S. Department of Education and follow-up by researching beauty school scholarships and grants offered by corporations, local businesses, churches, banks and other organizations. Also, be sure to check with your school's billing department to set up a payment plan to help break up the cost of tuition. Be sure to factor in the cost of tools and supplies when you develop a budget. Think long-term and develop a budget that accounts for how you will pay for these items throughout the entire course of your program. Trust us, it lifts a huge burden off your shoulders so you can focus on getting amazing at your new cosmetology skills.

Planning doesn't just have to be financial. You can also do a little prep to get ahead before you even enroll in cosmetology. For instance, if you're a high school student, some high school classes you might want to keep an eye out for that are relevant to cosmetology are chemistry and physiology. (Yes, for real!) If you've already graduated from high school or are thinking about re-enrolling in beauty school, spend some time using online tutorials to help better prepare yourself for cosmetology school. If you don't have these classes in high school, don't feel like you're behind - cosmetology school will teach you all you need to know. But if you really want to be the best of the best in the cosmetology business, take some initiative and get ahead of the curriculum! There are a variety of online resources that provide instruction in foundational skills such as color theory, anatomy and physiology.

Another road block some people hit is not feeling like you're making the best use of your time in school. Ok, so not everyone in your class is as motivated and ambitious as you are, and it can be a total drag. Those people happen in every class, no matter what career you picked. It's not a good reason to drop out of beauty school! Don't let other people who don't have it together stand in the way if your future. You almost need to get tunnel vision. Tune out the haters and the negativity, and get a singular focus on your success. In order to make the most of your time in cosmetology school, tap into all your available resources as a student. Whether you need help with coursework, want to skip ahead and do more advanced stuff in class because you're doing so well at the basics, or just want some time management advice, many beauty schools have developed special networks to help new, current and former students stay on track to graduation. Ask your advisors and teachers what else you can be doing to be the best possible cosmetologist when you graduate. This shows how engaged and dedicated you really are.

One more road block that leads to some beauty school dropouts is juggling all the demands in your life. If you've tried beauty school in the past and found it conflicted with your hectic lifestyle, consider re-enrolling now that you've had some time to plan and mature. Many beauty schools have even redesigned their curriculums to include night and weekend classes as well as online foundational courses in hopes of accommodating non-traditional students.

The last road block people encounter is their own fear of failure. Well, tough love, darlin'. Following your dreams often means finding the courage to face your fears. Beauty school - like all academic pursuits - may seem like an overwhelming challenge, but at least talk to some schools. Asking questions, visiting the school and talking to other students can help alleviate those fears and help you sign your name on the dotted line. You have the planning, focus and determination. Face the obstacle head on. Take the plunge. There's no time like the present. The beginning is always the hardest. You can do this. We believe in you. So it's about time you started believing in yourself.

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