We put together a list of four books that every serious cosmetologist should have on their shelves. Not only can these books be page after page of beneficial information, they can be used as a reference guide for both beginners and experts or provide inspiration when you need it most. In the world of cosmetology, these 4 cosmetology books stand out as must-reads.

The first cosmetology book is Milady's latest textbook. Ok, obvious, I know. But hear me out. Since 1938, the Milady textbook has been one of the leading resources for cosmetology schools. Throughout the years, the Milady textbook has updated and reinvented itself with information regarding the latest trends in the industry. But the book also still includes timeless information regarding makeup application and other basic procedures. As of 2012, the book has updated the infection control section, as well as new procedures and a step-by-step guide for left-handed individuals. It's so thorough and up-to-date, you really should try to always have the latest edition on-hand.

Start Your Own Hair Salon and Day Spa is another book that every cosmetologist should read. Whether you are looking into opening your own spa, or you are interested in advancing your salon and spa management skills, this book covers it all - from choosing a venue to open your salon to planning for the future growth of your business. Even if you don't have the entrepreneurial spirit and you just are or want to be a leading stylist at your salon, this cosmetology book is a must-read. The book features information regarding prices, marketing and establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with vendors, and so much more.

It's not all manuals when it comes to books about cosmetology. If you are interested in an inspirational story about the amazing adventure of a woman who went to Afghanistan shortly after the fall of the Taliban in 2001 to teach women cosmetology, check out Kabul Beauty School. She was there with a group offering humanitarian aid. Unlike many of the doctors and nurses she was participating with, Deborah did not have nearly as much to offer, or so she thought. However, this mother and hairdresser learned that she had a talent for befriending individuals throughout the community. It was not long until she started showing off her talents, and the citizens became interested in her craft. Two years later in 2003, she opened up the Kabul Beauty School, which empowered women to take charge and thought them how to do makeup and hair. The story even included how the Afghan women in troubled marriages inspired her to leave her own unhealthy marriage.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro is an excellent book for cosmetologists. Bobbi Brown, (no, not Whitney Houston's daughter), has 25 years experience in the field, and she is dishing out the information. She provides an informative guide that includes information on makeup techniques like eyeliner, blush and bronzer and other special techniques to create a flawless makeup look. She also supplies readers with bonus information regarding skin care and foot care. There is even a special section dedicated to breaking into the industry and how to work with celebrities!

So whether you're looking for a graduation gift for your favorite cosmetology school graduate, or you're just not sure what to buy your cosmetologist friend who has everything, or if you're a cosmetologist yourself who wants to be the absolute best in the business - pick up these 4 books today!

Submitted by Elizabeth on 07/27/2012 - 14:32