Cosmetologist Tattoo Ideas

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Cosmetologist Tattoo Ideas

Cosmetology is a field that oftentimes likes to allow their purveyors to express the creativity through their physical appearance.  While the standard clothing in a salon seems to usually be black business casual, the stylists often show their creativity through their hair color, style and sometimes their make up and nails.  These days it seems as that a more permanent form of creativity is showing up on cosmetologists and it's in the form of tattoos.  Quite a few cosmetologists are decorating themselves permanently with cosmetology tattoos these days with a common theme of showing off their passion and profession in the beauty business.

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Cosmetologist Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos that are gaining in popularity with hairstylists are usually the tools of the trade: scissors, blowdryers and combs.  I have even seen a set of curlers, but to be honest, they kind of looked like a six pack of beer at first glance - so be careful if this is the direction you're headed. Barbers aren't without their fair share of work either.  I've seen more than a few barber poles and straight razors, but also a particularly creative old-fashioned straight razor tattooed down the length of the barber's arm with the hinge at his elbow so it looked like the blade opened and closed. Some cosmetologists have done open scissors on their hands between their thumb and forefinger, so when they move their hands it looks like the scissors are cutting. (Be careful of hand and face tattoos - they can limit your job options because they can't easily be covered up with clothing in the workplace, so check with your employer or potential employers first.)

I haven't seen as many make-up artists tattooed, but I've seen a few tubes of lipstick and old-fashioned pump perfume bottles.  I've seen one eyelash curler, which was pretty unique.  I've also seen more than one hand mirror, which when done right, can look very elegant and refined.

Another common cosmetologist tattoo for both genders is the classic pin-up girl tattoo that would look at home on an airplane from World War II, though it technically doesn't have anything to do with the cosmetology profession.  But to put a twist on the pinup tattoo and tie it into cosmetology, the tattoos can get really creative with the pin up taking the place of the girl getting her hair done, holding the tools of the trade, or simply putting on makeup.  These are classic tattoos that never go out of style.

We think it's great that you're passionate enough about your profession to put it on display permanently through cosmetology tattoos. However, keep in mind that many salons and employers have not come around to having visible tattoos in the workplace yet, so don't make the decision lightly. At the end of the day, if you decide to get tattooed, think about how you decide on a cosmetologist and apply those criteria to visiting your tattooer - you do your homework, visit them, check out their work, and ask lots of questions, because unlike a haircut or pedicure, this work is permanent!

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