Skincare Meets Space Age with Laser Cosmetology

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Skincare Meets Space Age with Laser Cosmetology

Lasers are great for blowing up things in space. In pen form, they’re the perfect high-tech cat toy. But in skincare circles, lasers are the hottest thing since self-warming moisturizers. Cosmetologists can boost their revenue and broaden their client base just by adding laser training to their skincare skill set. For ablative procedures that penetrate the skin, medical esthetician training can earn you a spot assisting physicians and advising patients on aftercare.

Like many cosmetology specialties, estheticians are licensed by the state. Every state’s laser skin treatment regulations vary, so match your training to the state in which you plan to work. Once you’ve completed laser or medical esthetician training, you’ll be licensed to play a role in non-ablative procedures such as:

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Tattoo removal

Of the approximately 41 million Americans with tattoos, 11 percent have had at least one removed. Tattoo removal can take several visits for the laser to break ink particles down enough that white blood cells can finish the job. For people committed to distancing themselves from a bad tattoo, the removal process is worth the time and money involved.

Reducing acne and scarring

Under doctor’s supervision, many states permit medical estheticians to assist with the deeper laser treatments required to lessen or eliminate acne scarring.

Medical estheticians can often manage mild acne through non-laser methods.


Medical estheticians who work in medical spas can treat patients suffering from hyper pigmentation with noninvasive laser treatments. Their role may also include educating patients about the process, providing emotional support, and staying connected with patients who undergo long-term treatment.

Erasing facial lines and wrinkles

Under a doctor’s supervision, trained estheticians can perform non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing. That’s a fancy way of saying “using a laser to create a grid-like pattern of holes in the skin.” The laser allows for ultra-precise treatments that leave nearby skin untouched and minimize healing time.

If you’re weighing the benefits of additional training, don’t underestimate the reward that comes from helping people improve their appearance. By reducing acne scars or smoothing away wrinkles, you’ll help people’s self-confidence in school, their jobs, and their personal lives.

Now is a great time to expand your skincare services. Demand for skincare is growing, and the trend is projected to continue through 2024. So don’t wait! Find a laser training school near you, and learn how to smooth, exfoliate and resurface your way to greater skincare success.