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Cosmetologist Continuing Education in Alabama

Alabama Cosmetology Careers At A Glance
  • 1,500 education hours or 3,000 apprentice hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 2 years.
  • 0 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • The average salary for cosmetologists in Alabama is $20,900 ($10.05/hour). This is lower than the national average of $26,090 ($12.54/hour).
  • There is a predicted 8% job increase between 2016–2026 for cosmetologists. This is lower than the expected national growth of 9%.

There are lots of fields in which professionals are expected to keep up on their training through continuing education; cosmetology is definitely one of those fields! No matter which type of cosmetology career you have, continuing education courses can benefit your career and broaden your knowledge base.

If you need to brush up on your skills, or want to expand your skillset, use our directory of schools to request information about programs today!

Education Details

Depending on where you live and work, there may be many options for continuing education in Alabama. Larger salons often hold in-house continuing education programs for employees, so you may have the opportunity to get free continuing education hours if you're currently employed. Local beauty schools or beauty associations can also be a good source for continuing education classes.

If you want to work on your technical skills, there are likely cosmetology continuing education opportunities in Alabama. For example, you may learn about popular new cutting styles using razors or other tools. Manicurists may learn about new accent nail styles or practice more effective ways to apply acrylic nails. Estheticians could learn about new facial care products and how to select the right product for different skin types. Professional development is another aspect of continuing education. Professional development courses may give you the chance to master management skills, figure out how to bring in and retain clients, or serve as an effective leader in a salon. These classes are often popular for cosmetology professionals that want to go into management or salon ownership.

License Renewal

2 Years

License renewal period

0 Hours

Continuing education required

Many states require cosmetologists, nail technicians, estheticians, and other beauty professionals to complete continuing education hours as a condition of continued licensure. However, the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering does not have any continuing education requirements. This doesn't mean that these courses are any less important. Since many of your peers will be furthering their knowledge with continuing education, you could easily fall behind if you don't do the same!

Alabama Cosmetology Careers


Average yearly salary for cosmetology in Alabama

Since continuing education can boost your skill base and bring new clients in, it may have a positive effect on your job outlook. There is an anticipated 8% increase in job openings for cosmetologists. If your courses help you provide higher-quality services to clients, you may see an increase in tips and in your income! The average salary for an Alabama cosmetologist is $20,900 per year, but those at the high end of the salary scale earn more than $37,100 per year.

Continuing education can have a big impact on how you work and what type of work you get. Erika Brown of Confessions of a Cosmetologist notes that if you care about your career and the quality of your work, you'll bring in happier and more loyal clients. In turn, you can get more referrals and earn more money. She says, "I can almost guarantee that if you take shortcuts, fail to further your education, or are more concerned with how many clients you can squeeze in a will lose them." While your skills may be fresh and up-to-date when you're just out of cosmetology school, the same cannot be said when you are one, two, or five years out from graduation. If you're interested in exploring other areas of your current field, continuing education may be the key that opens up that door. You may be known for one specific skill, like highlighting or short cuts. What if you want to get into long hairstyling or ombre hair coloring? By attending a continuing education course, you can experiment with new skills and figure out how to bring in new clients! In addition to bringing in new clients, you may be able to impress your current clients with your new abilities.

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