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Cosmetologist Continuing Education in District of Columbia

District of Columbia Cosmetology Careers At A Glance
  • 1,500 education hours or 2,000 apprentice hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 2 years.
  • 6 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • The average salary for cosmetologists in Washington DC is $31,960 ($15.37/hour). This is higher than the national average of $26,090 ($12.54/hour).
  • There is a predicted 12% job increase between 2016-2026 for cosmetologists. This is higher than the expected national growth of 9%.

As a hairdresser, stylist, skin care specialist, makeup artist, or cosmetologist, how to you keep up with the latest styles and trends in your field? New fashions and new products are constantly hitting the market, and appearing in articles and advertisements in all the fashion, style, and hair magazines. Your clients read these periodicals, and will be asking you about the newest, the latest, and the greatest, and you need to be in the know!

To satisfy your existing clients, and to attract new clients, it is a must that you be up-to-date on the latest products and techniques. For this, you will need to avail yourself of continuing education opportunities in the beauty industry on an ongoing basis.

Education Details

What is great about taking continuing education courses is that you have considerable choice in terms of direction you want to go in. If you want to provide your clients with the newest and greatest products and techniques, brushing up on your cutting or styling techniques might be just what you need to keep fresh. You may want to take a course in recently-introduced techniques, such as the use of keratin-based hair straightening treatments which require considerable skill and experience to apply. These treatments also have the advantage of being able to command rather high fees, such as between $250 and $350 per treatment, which can add significantly to your bottom line.

License Renewal

2 Years

License renewal period

6 Hours

Continuing education required

While the state of DC does not have specific continuing education requirements for renewal of the license, your clients and employers expect that you will stay current in your field.

District of Columbia Cosmetology Careers


Average yearly salary for cosmetology in District of Columbia

In DC, the average salary earned by hairdressers and cosmetologists in 2019 was $31,960. This is considerably higher than the average salary earned by those in this profession across the United States. The demand for hairdressers and cosmetologists is growing, with projected growth of 12% between 2016 and 2026, making this a good career choice for those who want a good chance for finding a job after graduating from school. When you take continuing education courses, you are enhancing your skills and abilities, making it possible for you to command higher fees, or ask for a promotion or raise at work.

Having a new skill or service to offer gives you new opportunities to market your expanded capacities. You may choose to advertise your new offerings in local newspapers, or send out postcards announcing your new services to your existing client base. And of course you will want to let your clients know about your expanded offerings and how they can help them, when you see them for their regular and customary services. If you are looking for a competitive edge that can bring in new clients or earn you that raise or promotion, be sure to stay at the top of your game by taking continuing education courses. A few hours a month can pay off by big by making it possible for you to get that raise or promotion, market your skills to a new salon or spa, or attract new clients.

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