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Nebraska Continuing Education Careers At a Glance
  • 0 education hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 2 years.
  • 8 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • Average salary for continuing education in Nebraska is $30,040 .
  • There is a predicted job increase .

No matter which field you decide to work in, you have to keep up on standards and education requirements in your industry. However, continuing education is exceptionally important in the field of cosmetology! Cosmetologists have to stay up-to-date on new techniques, learn how to use new tools, develop an understanding of new terminology in the beauty industry, and otherwise adapt to meet the needs of their salon.

Where to Find Continuing Education

Education Hours

Required to earn a continuing education license

Education Details

The types of courses you can take vary wildly, giving you the chance to figure out your career goals and take courses that fit in with these goals. If you’re employed by a salon, you may wish to speak to your manager or salon owner about what skills are most in-demand. They may have specific requirements for their employees. As you look through continuing education courses in Nebraska, you may find courses that focus on hair design, hair styling, chemical processes for hair, and hair of different textures or needs. Courses may also focus on nail care and design, skin care and makeup, or massage. If you’re thinking about advancing your career as a manager or salon owner, consider taking courses in small business management.

License Renewal

2 Years

License renewal period

8 Hours

Continuing education required

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services regulates continuing education requirements for licensed cosmetology professionals. To be eligible for renewal at the end of every two-year period, you must complete eight hours of continuing education at approved continuing competency training providers.

Nebraska Continuing Education Careers


Average yearly salary for continuing education in Nebraska

Since continuing education is required in Nebraska, your salary and livelihood depend entirely on you keeping up with continuing education requirements. The job outlook in Nebraska is very stable, and furthering your education may solidify your position in the beauty industry. It can also make you a more valuable asset to your employer, since you can develop the skills that bring customers in and turn them into loyal guests. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 5% increase in cosmetology jobs. You may find that your salary potential increases as you advance your education. This may be due to pay raises, as your employer may want to keep you as an employee, or due to tips, since clients may enjoy your range of services. Per O*Net, the average salary for a cosmetologist in Nebraska is $20,800 per year.

Though some may underestimate the power and responsibility that come with a career in cosmetology, it’s important to realize that your clients look to you for style, an understanding ear, and high-quality service during every visit. Plain Talk looks at a cosmetology career through the eyes of Schelby Stark and Bekki Endquist-Schroeder, two accomplished cosmetologists. When discussing what makes a successful cosmetologist, Stark said You have to have a caring personality, you have to be outgoing. I can start a conversation with everybody, and you have to be tolerant. Both Stark and Endquist-Schroeder note that you shouldn’t expect a steady, scheduled day in this field—it all depends on what events are going on and what customers want. That sums up a lot of what it means to work in cosmetology! You may serve clients from widely different demographic groups and with very different needs. Being able to treat each client with respect and kindness can make you a very in-demand stylist. As you further your education through continuing education seminars and courses, you may be able to become more in tune with what your customers want, adjust your customer service skills accordingly, and become a big part of your local beauty community.

Contact the Nebraska State Board of Continuing Education

Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services - Cosmetology Department

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