Continuing Education

If there’s one thing you know about the beauty industry, it’s that it never changes. The same styles stay popular year after year, right?

Actually, change is constant in the beauty industry! Techniques, coloring trends, and hot styles change on a regular basis.

Where to Find Continuing Education
Education Details

One of the biggest benefits of continuing education is the variety of options you have as a beauty professional. Your place of employment may require you to complete training in specific areas, so you may want to check with your manager before enrolling in continuing education courses. Business management courses may be right up your alley if you have aspirations of leadership or salon ownership. If you want to work on your practical skills, you can take courses on coloring techniques, styling tools, and new items that are being used in your field.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
2 Years
License Renewal Period

NV does require 30 cosmetology continuing education hours during the two-year licensure period for cosmetology instructors. All other beauty licensees must complete four hours of continuing education during each two-year period. These CEUs must focus on infection control and maintaining a safe environment for your clients.


Boosting your income potential and job outlook is possible with continuing education. The more current and diverse your skills, the more of an asset you may be to local employers. Job openings for Nevada cosmetologists are expected to increase by 13% through 2022, according to O*Net. The average salary for a Nevada cosmetologist is $22,200 per year (O*Net, 2014).

After Continuing Education

Your daily work may change as you enroll in continuing education classes every year. If you decide to study salon management, you may take on a supervisory role or train new employees. If you learn new skills and techniques, you may be able to attract a new client base. That’s what’s so exciting about continuing education—you can think about the direction you want your career to take, choose the appropriate courses, and keep on working toward your goals. Continuing education may also help you more effectively carry out the daily duties of your work. For example, staying up-to-date on new haircutting styles and techniques is necessary if you want to keep your clients coming back to your chair. The courses you choose may also make you an indispensable part of your salon.

State board Contact Information

Nevada State Board of Cosmetology
1785 E. Sahara Ave., Suite 255
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone Number: 702-486-6542
Fax Number: 702-369-8064
E-mail Address:

The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology license as well as answer all of your questions about obtaining a Nevada cosmetology license. They may also help in-state applicants apply for a duplicate license. However, you must submit a notarized application and pay a fee of $25.

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Find the Beauty Schools in Nevada that interest you below,

Milan Institute of Cosmetology

4020 Kietzke Ln,
Reno, NV 89502

Program: Cosmetology

Welcome to Milan Institute We are pleased that you are considering a career in cosmetology! There's always room for qualified professionals in this challenging field. Whether you like working with hair, skin, or Welcome to Milan Institute We are pleased that you are considering a career in cosmetology! There's always room for qualified professionals in this challenging field. Whether you like working with hair, skin, or nails, your certification will allow you to select a career path that suits you. You are on the threshold of a great opportunity. Your license to practice cosmetology will be an unlimited passport to a world of glamour, excitement, and many other rewards. To start your career journey right, plan to make the most of your education. With every lesson, you will be one step closer to working in your dream field. Our Mission To provide our students with a solid foundation in the theory and practice of cosmetology To uphold the highest standards of excellence in our faculty, staff, students, and educational programs To promote service to the community by encouraging student council involvement Student Consumer Information Goals & Objectives To instruct students in the proper and current methods of cosmetology To qualify and prepare students for the state board examination To graduate qualified, competent, competitive students To assist students in job placement Career Programs Certificates are awarded upon completion for all locations We believe that each student at Milan Institute holds the key to his or her success. Our staff and instructors strive to help each student develop the professionalism that will open a world of creativity and knowledge. Milan Institute offers a college atmosphere conducive to learning and individual growth. Excellent training and job placement assistance enable our students to become enterprising professionals. Milan Institute offers both theory and practical instruction. The clinical area is well equipped for hands-on instruction in all areas of cosmetology. A library/media source area offers books and videotapes on cosmetology basics, as well as on more advanced areas of this field of study. Additional theory assistance is available on a one-on-one basis. Programs only offered in English at all locations except the Cosmetology program at the El Paso campus.  Cosmetology 1500 Hours / 50 Weeks Cosmetology is an exciting, fast-paced career that is constantly evolving with new ideas, techniques and equipment. Cosmetologists work with a variety of people each day, assisting them with their beauty needs. Cosmetologists shampoo, cut, perm, color and style hair. They may also provide manicures and pedicures or apply acrylic or gel nails. Course covers: Hair cutting, styling and coloring All aspects of skin care All aspects of nail care Possible careers: Professional stylist Make-up technician Platform artist Product representative Salon owner or manager State board member/examiner Skin care specialist Esthetician Course covers: Bacteriology Facials Hair removal Makeup (application, composition, etc) Salon business skills Possible careers: Skin care specialist Make-up consultant Image consultant Product representative Salon owner Platform artist Theatrical make-up artist Retail specialist Manicurist Uncover a Career of Beauty and Creativity If you're looking for a career in the beauty industry that lets you reveals your talent and creativity, becoming a Manicurist could be the perfect profession for you. As a graduate of the Milan Institute Manicurist program you will have the skills in manicure and pedicure procedures, the use of all manicuring implements and supplies, application of artificial nails, repair of broken or split nails and the care of nails and hands.   Programs Vary by Location
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