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Texas Continuing Education Careers At a Glance
  • 0 education hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 2 years.
  • 4 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • Average salary for continuing education in Texas is $26,810.
  • There is a predicted job increase .

No matter what type of cosmetology career you have, continuing education is a major part of your ongoing success! Clients don't want to go to a beauty professional whose skills and styles are years old; they want to see cosmetologists that are skilled in and passionate about new techniques in the cosmetology industry. After you get your initial license in cosmetology, esthetics, or nail care, continuing education can help you maintain an in-demand set of skills. If you want to increase your earning potential and build on your current skillset, contact the beauty schools in Texas that offer programs in your area. Simply use our directory to get started!

Where to Find Continuing Education

Education Hours

Required to earn a continuing education license

Some people choose to take continuing education classes in business. This can be helpful if you want to open your own salon, take over ownership of an existing salon, or move up to the position of manager. Commonly accepted business courses include Marketing for Spas and Salons, Staff Management in a Salon Setting, and Bookkeeping for Small Businesses.

Education Details

Few industries go through as many changes and new types of technology as cosmetology! If you want to appeal to clients that want to take advantage of modern styles and techniques, there may be options in continuing education in Texas for you. For example, you might learn about trends in hair coloring, hair cutting with razors, or changing trends in nail art. As a cosmetology professional, it's likely that most of your work is focused in one area or procedure. If this is the case, you may want to take continuing education classes in other subjects. This can keep your skills fresh and relevant, even if they don't get used often.

License Renewal

2 Years

License renewal period

4 Hours

Continuing education required

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires cosmetologists and other licensed professionals to complete at least four hours of continuing education during each two-year licensing period. One hour must be in sanitation training. The other three hours can be in any approved subject.

Texas Continuing Education Careers


Average yearly salary for continuing education in Texas

Cosmetologists and other beauty professionals in Texas can earn an impressive range of salaries! O*Net lists salaries ranging from $16,600 to $43,700 per year. They indicate that the average salary for a cosmetologist is $22,100 per year, which is close to the national average (O*Net, 2013). Part of your income may come from tips, so your salary may vary from week to week. The job outlook is very positive for Texas cosmetologists. Estimates provided by O*Net show an expected 21% increase in cosmetology job openings between 2010 and 2020. This growth rate is 8% higher than the national average, and it represents an expected 1,800 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2010). Getting continuing education hours and having a well-rounded set of skills may enhance your personal job outlook.

When you think about how much the cosmetology field changes from year to year, it's no surprise that continuing your education can really enhance your career. Not only can you expand your client base, you can impress your existing clients with your new skills. Working in a salon or spa may involve working with lots of different people, from children getting their first haircut to seniors who know exactly what styles they like. No matter who you see from day to day, your job is to make them happy and give everyone the same high level of service! As you develop your skills, you can get a reputation for your abilities and services. Vogue interviewed Ryann Bosetti, a hair stylist that's rumored to give some of the best haircuts in the world. Established in the middle of Texas, Bosetti has had a huge impact on the cosmetology industry. When she travels between Texas and California, people make appointments months in advance to get a haircut from her. Her secret is looking at the person sitting in her salon chair and styling a cut that is perfectly suited to them. With education and experience, maybe your appointment book can fill up just as quickly as Bosetti's!

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