About Our School Directory

Beauty Schools Directory strives to create the most comprehensive, up-to-date directory of U.S. beauty school and wellness programs in existence. To do this, our data team goes through a robust effort to compile, verify, and update school lists and information about the schools.

We compile our list of beauty schools from many sources, including from the following:

  • The federal government, through the Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
  • Verified accreditation agencies that review programs in the beauty sector
  • Relevant state boards
  • Human research

Though our goal is to achieve accurate, helpful directory information to serve prospective beauty students, we are chasing a moving target. Beauty schools and the programs they offer change constantly: across the country, schools open, move, and close, ownership changes hands, schools are renamed, accreditation statuses change, new programs are offered and dropped, and programs change their required hours and tuition. We have invested in multiple operational mechanisms and numerous hours of effort to stay on top of these changes, but we recognize that reflecting real life in our directory with 100% accuracy is challenging.

Reporting School and Program Changes

If you wish to report a change to us, the best way to do so is through the “edit school info” link on the relevant Beauty Schools Directory profile page. If there is no existing school profile page for you, please email us at hello@beautyschoolsdirectory.com. Given the high volume of inbound emails, we may not be able to respond to each inquiry, but we do attempt to keep up with the directory edits.

Data Integrity and Transparency

Beauty Schools Directory derives revenue from advertisers such as beauty schools. To preserve the integrity of our directory and our content, our editorial and data team abide by these tenets:

Editorial Promise #1: A beauty school’s inclusion in our directory is never contingent on advertising partnership. Our bar for whether to list a school is whether a prospective student would want to know about it.

Editorial Promise #2: We strive to publish accurate information about each school and its programs, regardless of existing or potential advertising partnership.

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