A client who is ready to commit to a significant haircut that greatly reduces the length of her hair can help provide wigs for cancer patients by heading to a salon or hair event on April 27th, National Donate Your Hair Day. There you canll discover a new look and a new purpose for your old locks. Donated hair is sent to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization that uses the hair to make wigs for cancer patients. It takes a minimum of six donations to make a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, so salons and hair events cannot be too busy on this important day!

Submitted by Elizabeth on 04/09/2012 - 12:38

Not all clients will have hair that qualifies for donation, but those who do receive haircuts can not only change their appearances but also make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. To qualify for donation, Pantene Beautiful Lengths requires hair be a minimum of eight-inches long when measured straight, free from chemical treatments and permanent hair color, and less than five-percent gray. Pantene Beautiful Lengths requests that hair donations be secured in elastic bands and placed in plastic bags before shipping.

Hairstylists can assist clients in making their donations by evaluating, preparing and cutting hair properly. Hair should be clean, dry and product-free. Many cuts for donation are made simply by putting the hair up in a ponytail and cutting above the elastic band. Hairstylists can help their clients with this process by measuring the length of the hair to be cut and ensuring that it is eight inches or longer before putting their scissors to work. If the hair does not exceed eight inches, it should be allowed to grow more because it does not yet qualify for donation. For those with lengths that do qualify, stylists can position the elastic band carefully or use more than one elastic band to make the most of each client's donation amount.

Stylists can contribute to National Donate Your Hair Day by providing appropriate services for their donation-minded clients, either at salons or hair events. Many stylists nationwide are participating in National Donate Your Hair Day by familiarizing themselves with Pantene Beautiful Lengths requirements and offering the hair cutting and sometimes even donation mailing services. Some are going so far as to volunteer their time or offer the service at a discounted rate.

Do you work at a salon or beauty school that is participating in National Donate Your Hair Day? Chime in! Let us know how you're contributing to the event!