DFW Lash University

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2540 Marsh Lane Suite #120, Carrollton, TX 75006
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DFW Lash University
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Programs Offered

Remember to make sure that a program meets any licensing requirements in Texas before you start! Check out our licensing information for Esthetics.

In the School's Words

DFW Lash University currently offers the following programs:

  • o 6-week Fast Track Eyelash Extension Specialty License Program
  • 12-week Online Eyelash Extension Specialty License Program

Eyelash Extensions Speciality license is valid in Texas only

DFW Checklist

DFW Lash University is a lash licensing trade school serving the future lash artists of Texas. Our program is 100% online in 12 weeks you can earn your lash license after passing your state board exams. We are the Texas lash exam experts! Our unique is exam focused so you can ace your tests to get your Texas Lash License.

Student Review

"Enrolling to DFW Lash University was the best decision I made for my lash career. I finally received my credential hours and now it's time to prepare myself for both exams. The instructors were very nice, helpful and professional. The school was very nice too. My classmates were also helpful and friendly. I 10/10 recommend."

We offer a comprehensive digital learning experience:

  • Guided video tutorials for lessons
  • An interactive discussion room in each module
  • Hands-on activities that are designed to develop core skills
  • Quizzes to prepare you for the exams
  • Checklists for supplies + materials
  • 1-1 Experienced instructor access virtually/in-person

Want to know if becoming a Lash Artist is for you?

Visit our website and take our Free Lash Artist Quiz.

If you are ready to request more information on our program please complete a mini application.

Want to learn more about the DLU CULTURE Visit our Youtube channel!

Still unsure DLU is the place for you? Check out our Google reviews and hear what our students think!

At DFW Lash University because we truly believe that every person deserves the chance to pursue their passion. That's why we take great pride in offering a wide range of scholarship programs specifically designed to provide assistance to those who need it. It's our way of making sure that dreams can become a reality for all.

  • Needs Based Scholarships
  • Military Scholarships
  • Single Parent Scholarships
  • Elevating Education Scholarships

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