Glam Sophisticated Academy

6543 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89119
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Glam Sophisticated Academy
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Beginner to Pro Makeup Certification Program guides students through our Freelance Makeup Artistry Blueprint and helps aspiring makeup artist turn their passion for makeup into a full-time business. This is a 6-week program (5 weeks online and 1 week in our makeup academy) that is a hybrid of online and hands-on learning, and in addition to that, students receive 1 year of ongoing support and guidance through a Private group and monthly live coaching calls. Students receive a Pro Certification at the completion of the course and they can use the Certification to apply for Pro Discounts. 

We guide students through 5 Phases of the FREELANCE MAKEUP ARTISTRY BLUEPRINT where they get to:

  1. Build their makeup artistry foundation
  2. Master most requested Makeup techniques & looks 
  3. Create their brand and discover their signature style
  4. Set up their Freelance Makeup Business structure
  5. Secure ideal clients on social media and get paid

Program tuition: $5997

We offer a third-party funding option, pay in full or in-house 3-6 monthly payment plan.

Licensing: Glam Sophisticated is licensed through the Post-Secondary Education Commission in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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