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Massage Therapy

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3/4/2024 via Google
via Google

I wanted to take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible experience I’ve had under your guidance this last 8months Mr Dickens Brian Your Dedication to teaching and your passion .have truly made a lasting impact on me .your ability to teach and explain complex concepts with clarity and patience has not only help me understand the material but has also inspired me to become better and make you proud Your are a great teacher ,and I’m very happy I chose this program .southeastern college is the best choice I could ever make,I’m thankful and appreciate the hard work the whole school staff put in to help every single students..

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Maria Elena Diaz
3/3/2024 via Google
via Google

My experience at Southeastern College was the best. At first I thought I couldn't do it, being able to become a medical assistant, but the school team helped me and I have to say that I feel very proud of myself as a Latina because the school gave me the opportunity to participate in this program. Mrs. Yolanda Morales and Professor Brian Dickens and Professor Alfredo Alfonso were my impetus to continue. My internship was the best. It was very wonderful, I was able to demonstrate what I studied during my program and demonstrate what I learned. I was hired in the second week and a half to be in this place (XPress Urgent Care) because with the help of the school I was able to achieve it. Thank you Southeastern school for all the support and help and patience you gave me and the entire Medical Assistant team .

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Tiara Polk
3/3/2024 via Google
via Google

Dear Mr Dickens, Southeastern College has been nothing but awesome towards my journey in the MA field . Your past experience helped me understand the needs and wants of this field and let’s just say it was a a major success! You’ve made this process a breeze in understanding what I wanted to get out this whole experience!!!!! The externship you assigned me fits my personality perfectly! With your training and my dedication I was able to pass the certification exam and received job offer from my externship in which I start in March 11,2024!!! YAYYYYYY !! This is just the beginning.

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Southeastern College - West Palm Beach offers the following programs:

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Program Length 900 hours
Average Completion N/A
Program Tuition N/A

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Accreditation or State Approval

The accreditation or state approval status of this school's programs is unknown. We did not find accreditation or approval status through publicly available records. Please check directly with the relevant state board about programs at this school.


To apply to this school, there is a $50 application fee.

Financial Aid

84% of students received financial aid

On average, students received $5,993 in financial aid.

Student Body

Gender Ratio

89% Female, 11% Male

Race / Ethnicity Ratio

12% White, 24% Hispanic / Latino, 42% African American, 0% Asian American, 0% American Indian, 0% Hawaiian / Pacific, 0% Two or More, 21% Unknown

608 students are enrolled in this school

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