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Tattoo Removal as an Esthetician

Tattooing is a centuries-old art used by warriors to celebrate battle victories and by sailors to ensure proper identification should their ship be lost at sea. Today, tattoos are used for everything from self-expression to proclaiming gang affiliation.

Tattoos were once considered permanent because the damage caused by the mechanical needles used to inject ink into the skin couldn’t be undone. Fortunately, modern laser technology makes tattoo removal possible. For people who want a fresh start from past gang membership or those who simply regret that unfortunate tramp stamp, tattoo removal is a welcome way to undo a bad decision.

Becoming a professional esthetician is a great way to acquire the skills you’ll need to help clients get rid of unwanted tattoos. Once you’ve obtained your license, you’ll have a firm understanding of skin type nuances, different tattoo types and the tools of the trade related to laser tattoo removal. Learn more about esthetician training and licensing.

Here are some other things to consider if you want a career in laser tattoo removal:

What do you need to know as an esthetician or laser technician specialist?

It’s one thing to be a skilled laser technician. But tattoo removal can be an emotional decision when it’s tied to life mistakes, a breakup or a person’s philosophical evolution, e.g. skinheads who no longer want to be associated with white supremacy movements.

You’ll also need good communication skills to educate your clients. Laser tattoo removal is a multi-step process, so they’ll need to understand the time commitment up front. Offering a clear explanation of what to watch for in terms of tissue interaction and the level of discomfort to expect will also ensure your client has a good experience and recommends you to people they know.

What additional skills does a laser technician specialist learn in esthetics school?

Your esthetician training to become a laser tattoo removal specialist could lead you to a career in a laser clinic, a medical spa, or even a tattoo shop. Each of these business types has its own nuances and complementary skill sets, such as retail sales or appointment booking via in-house software, so be sure you have those or are comfortable acquiring them.

Would you consider donating your services?

For a convict who’s trying to start a new life, the wrong tattoo can be a tough obstacle to overcome. Pro bono or volunteer work isn’t lucrative, but providing an important service such as tattoo removal could make a positive impact on your client’s life, his or her family’s well-being and even the community at large.

Your exciting career in laser tattoo removal starts with the right cosmetology program. When you’re ready to begin your esthetician training, take the next step and find a cosmetology school that offers the esthetics or skin care training that’s right for you.

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