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Working as a electrologist can be a great career path for students interested in the cosmetology arts. To work in laser hair removal, you will need the right training. Start your research with these FAQ’s that answer many top questions students have before enrolling. You can learn how to compare electrology programs, and what it takes to work in this field. We also cover what your courses will cover, and how long you can expect to train. In our answer, we also have links to many additional resources you can use to take the next steps in your research.

Career Outlook
Info based on National Averages. Enter zip and program for more exact details.
Hours-required: 1600 Education and hands-on training
Licence Renewal Hours: 1000 Hands-on training
Certification Needed: Cosmetology
State Board Contact:E: barbercosmo@dca.ca.gov P: 1.800.952.5210
Average Salary: $28,770 Annually
Job Outlook: 20% increase Between 2012 - 2022
What do you love most about beauty school?
The connections. All of the girls are so close, they are great. The teachers are awesome and have so many connections and will help you get your career started.
How do you like beauty school?
I love it, it’s a lot of fun! It makes it easier when it’s something you are passionate about. It’s so fun to go to school and always trying new things. They give you plenty time to do you homework at school too!
Can you describe a typical day?

Arrive at 8am and prep for appointments starting at 8:45.

You could have 4-5 appointments in one day doing facials, makeup, skin treatments, waxing, brows, lash tinting. My favorite part is if you don’t have appointments you can do treatments on each other! We give each other facials, makeup and the nail girls do our nails, etc! It’s so fun and we are never bored!

What’s it like juggling work and school?

I work two jobs. It can be busy but I map out the week and it keeps me out of trouble.

What would you tell someone thinking about enrolling?

Just do it! I was pretty nervous at first. I doubted myself b/c I have never been in a program I felt I could succeed. The support and encouragement of the other ladies in the class and seeing how intelligent the teachers were eased my worries. It’s a fun experience! There weren’t “know it all’s” in the class. Everyone is eager to learn and help each other.

Do you feel confident getting a job after school?

Yes! I feel confident and qualified. The teachers are great and positive. They want to set up you for success.

What inspires you?

Instagram. I could scroll all day long. I love art, makeup, clothes, house decor. I love going to Sephora and seeing all the makeup and think about the possible ways to do different things.

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How To Find Electrologist Training And Professional Opportunities

When you work as an electrologist, you will help patients by removing unwanted hair, as well as moles, warts, and other common skin blemishes. The process involves using electricity to remove the hair at the root of the follicle.

In most programs, students typically study three types of electrology methods professionals use:

  • Thermolysis. This procedure uses a radio frequency to reach the tissue and remove the unwanted hair.
  • Galvanic. This is a chemical process by which galvanic lye is used to kill the hair.
  • Blend. Sometimes, a skin care specialist will use a combination of the two previous methods.

Some states require esthetician training to work in electrolysis. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry, we can help you compare esthetics programs as well.

Are You Ready To Compare Electrology School Programs?

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Benefits and Bright Spots of Electrology Careers

Like most beauty related professions, there are several personal and tangible benefits this occupation can bring.

Below are some top reasons why electrology can be a cool career:

  • Training can be completed on efficient timelines
  • The cost of adding this certification to your skills can be minimal compared to the potential boost in salary
  • Most electrologists earn an average wage between $25,000 and $50,000 per year (BLS, 2017)
  • You can help patients feel better about the way they look, which can be a huge boost for individuals with more serious medical challenges

CPE Certification

No matter what professional path you take, you simply must work towards your Certification of Professional Electrologist (CPE) Certification.

By earning this credential, you can:

  • Prove to prospective employers and clients that you are qualified
  • Make sure you understand the latest best practices for delivering care
  • Understand your state’s health and safety regulations related to electrology
  • Tap their resources that can benefit your career, including workshops, events, and job boards

Your electrologist school curriculum should match the topics covered on the CPE Certification exam. If you want to order the study guide directly from the American Electrology Association, you can find it here.

CPE Exam topics include:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Infection control
  • Electrical operations
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Clinical observations

Passing the CPE exam is one of the most important topics you will need to discuss with every electrologist school you speak with. Make sure you will be ready to sit for the official exam upon completion of your electrology or skin care specialist program.

A question you can ask to start this conversation is: “What is the passing rate for the CPE exam among your graduates?” This will help you understand if the curriculum is effective in prepping students to become qualified electrologists.

Additional Electrology Resources For Students and Professionals

You need to keep your ear to the ground, even while you’re training. Keep your mind focused on maintaining high-level skills and delivering empathetic patient care.

And take note of these additional electrology resources you can use to your advantage:

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About Electrolysis School

How do I become an electrologist?

The first step to becoming an electrologist is to attend an electrology school. There are several permanent hair removal schools accredited by the American Electrology Association and other accrediting bodies. At electrolysis school you will learn how to perform all types of electrolysis, through state-of-the-art hair removal technology that uses a small amount of electricity at the base of the hair follicle to help remove it and discourage future growth. During this program you will learn to recognize hair growth patterns, and the factors that contribute to unwanted hair growth. If you pursue medical electrolysis, you may use technology that destroys the hair growth cells with heat or chemical energy.

You also need to research your state’s laws, regulations and licensure requirements. Every single state has a different policy for the amount of training required, the board exam requirements, licensure periods and more. Click here to view electrology license requirements by state. This can also affect the cost of electrolysis school. For states with shorter training requirements, the programs are often less than $5,000, whereas programs in states with longer requirements tend to fall between $5,000 and well under $10,000.

Another step in the process is to become a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). To become certified you must pass the CPE exam given by the American Electrology Association. The education you have received at electrology school will prepare you for the CPE. It is not mandatory for you to become a CPE, but it is highly recommended. Being a CPE demonstrates your professionalism and dedication to the field, and can be a very valuable point on your resume when applying for jobs, or certification to have on your wall if you own your own business. Many hair removal customers will look for this CPE certification.

If this list of traits sounds like you have the potential to be a great electrologist, there are many schools enrolling students now. Click the button below to find permanent hair removal training near you.

How should I find, compare and contact electrology schools?

The first step to becoming a professional electrologist is to get the education your state requires and get all the appropriate licensing. If you are considering becoming a permanent hair removal specialist, talk to electrolysis schools about their programs, the cost of tuition at their campuses, the curriculum they teach, and any other questions you may have. Everyone learns a little differently and may have different criteria that are important to them when choosing the right training program, so we created this “How to Choose a Beauty School” guide to help you make a confident decision. We always recommend talking to as many schools as possible in your area to get all your questions answered, though electrolysis is a highly specialized program so your school options may be limited. What’s nice about electrolysis is that programs enroll year-round. Permanent hair removal schools nationwide are enrolling now! Find schools near you to get started.

Electrolysis School Courses & Course Length

What Do You Learn In Hair Removal School?

As much as we’ve been talking about hair, it’s funny to make the transition to a beauty program that teaches you how to remove it! But, unwanted hair is just as much an issue as not enough, for some.

Electrology, electrolysis or laser hair removal is medically recognized as being a permanent hair removal method for the face and body.

In electrolysis training you will:

  • Learn the latest hair removal technology and techniques
  • Develop consulting & patient care skills
  • Receive hands-on education for certification
  • Maintain a safe and sanitary work environment

Electrolysis is a very popular service to get rid of unwanted body hair, so you will learn how to apply laser hair removal methods with the utmost care and accuracy for clientele.

How long does it take to become a permanent hair removal specialist?

The length of time it takes to become an electrologist depends on your state. Some states do not license electrologists at all, and the course could be as short as 5 weeks, or 200 hours, to complete. But most states do require licensure in order to perform permanent hair removal services for clients.

Our survey of licensing boards across the U.S. shows that the average amount of hours required is between 400 and 800 training hours for an electrolysis license depending on your state. However, many states (like Ohio and Alabama) regulate this license under the Esthetician/Skin Care Specialist license instead of a separate certification. Those programs take on average 600 to 1200 hours depending on your state.

Almost all trainings and certifications to become eligible to perform permanent hair removal can be completed in less than one year.