Becoming an electrologist takes a special kind of person. It takes a person with maturity. It takes a person with integrity. It takes a sensitive person who is tuned in to how people feel and who can act with discretion.

Electrolysis is a specialty area within the beauty industry that requires a special type of person who wishes to help people in a very personal, private, and meaningful way. If that description fits you, then a career as an electrologist in Kansas may be a good career choice for you!

State License Requirements

You must be 17 years of age or older to practice as an electrologist in the state of Kansas and hold a high school diploma or its equivalent. You can study electrology either in an accredited school, or as part of an apprenticeship program. If you study electrology in school, you must complete 500 hours of instruction. If you study as an apprentice under the supervision of a licensed electrologist you must complete a total of 1000 hours of supervised practice. You will then be eligible for the licensing exam administered by the Kansas Board of Cosmetology. The exam consists of a theoretical (written) part and a practical (skills) part. Then, after you have passed the exam and paid the required fee, you will receive your license to practice as an electrologist.

Education Details

Electrologists use a procedure called “electrolysis” to permanently remove unwanted hair from the face and parts of the body. There are actually three electrology modalities used by electrologists as well as one additional technique that is not electrolysis per se but is practiced by some electrologists. The three electrology modalities are known as galvanic, thermolytic, and blend. Some electrologists are also trained in a fourth method of hair removal that is considerably different, known as laser hair removal. Galvanic involves inserting a metal probe into the hair shaft and killing the hair root with an electrical current which causes a chemical reaction. Thermolytic uses radio waves to kill the hair root by a process known as “electrocoagulation”. Blend uses aspects of both galvanic and thermolytic and has several advantages of both. With all three methods the hair root is killed and it is impossible for the hair growing in that root to grow again. Typically, many sessions of electrolysis, over days, weeks, months, and sometimes years, are required to remove all the hair in an area of the face or body. Electrology programs are offered in cosmetology schools and some free-standing schools of electrology. The curriculum focuses on anatomy and physiology of skin and hair and diseases of each. You will learn about the different modalities used in electrolysis and the tools and techniques used in each one. You learn about sterilization procedures and sanitation regulations in Kansas. You will learn about how to prep skin for electrolysis and how to take care of it after the procedure, as well as how to manage pain. Some programs also teach aspects of running an electrolysis business, such as billing third party payers, such as insurance companies, and handling the business’s finances, marketing and advertising, and more. Your education will include theoretical and practical components, and you will observe videos and live demonstrations of licensed electrologists performing each modality before you will have the opportunity to work on live people.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
2 Years
License Renewal Period

Kansas licenses expire every two years in the month of your birthday. You must renew your license by the last day of your birth month. The cost to renew any type of beauty license is $45. Continuing education hours are only required for renewing permanent makeup artist licenses and cosmetology instructor licenses. As a permanent makeup artist, you must earn five CEUs during each renewal period. Cosmetology continuing education is always recommended to stay current in the industry.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Skin care specialists in Kansas earned an average salary of $27,700 in 2013, which was the most recent year for which data were reported according to O*Net. Unlike most skincare professionals, electrologists have a particularly marketable skill and thus, may be able to charge a higher fee for their services. Experienced electrologists, and those who own their own businesses, stand to earn even more. Skin care services like electrolysis are in demand, with demand expected to grow between 8% and 14% from 2012 to 2022, and so new graduates can expect to be able to find jobs without much difficulty.

Working as an Electrologist

There are several different settings where electrologists may work. It is most common to start out working in a spa or beauty salon setting, where they perform electrolysis in a private area or room in the salon. Some electrologists practice in a physician’s offices and other medical settings and receive referrals from medical personnel. And free-standing electrolysis studios also exist, where one person opens his or her own electrolysis business. Regardless of location, electrolysis is a very personal, private procedure that is performed in a series of sessions that can last days, weeks, months, or longer. This means that electrologists get to know their clients well, and usually develop a relationship with them. Electrologists need to be poised and mature individuals who understand how to make a client feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident in their skills. They need to be active listeners who convey to their clients that they understand. In between seeing each client, the electrologist must clean and sterilize his or her tools and freshen the workspace in preparation for the next client. If you own your own salon, you must also prepare invoices and bill third party payers, such as insurance companies. People can be enormously embarrassed by unwanted facial or body hair. Electrolysis is a service that is highly valued by the many clients who use it, so, as an electrologist, you are performing a very important service for your clients. If you truly want to help people improve their lives in a very personal, meaningful way, and you are mature and poised, and you would like a career that lets you make a real difference in people’s lives, consider a career in electrolysis in Kansas. Use our directory of schools to learn more today!

State board Contact Information

Kansas State Board of Cosmetology
714 S.W. Jackson, Suite 100
Topeka, KS 66617-1139
Phone Number: 785-296-3155
Fax Number: 785-296-3002
E-mail Address: kboc@kboc.ks.gov

Skin care is an integral part of many beauty services, and in Kansas quite a few
salons have made it a point to increase their offerings to customers. Electrology
is now a standard treatment, and many professionals begin learning the trade
by going to these places.

Kansas State Board of Cosmetology
Eric Fisher Academy
Electrology Institute of N.E.


Find the Beauty Schools in Kansas that interest you below,

Bellus Academy

1130 West Loop Place, Westloop Shopping Center
Manhattan, KS 66502

Program: Cosmetology

About Bellus Bellus Academy is an award-winning beauty and wellness institution dedicated to graduating career-ready professionals. We specialize in advanced training and have built a reputation for innovative education, consistently nabbing top honors in About Bellus Bellus Academy is an award-winning beauty and wellness institution dedicated to graduating career-ready professionals. We specialize in advanced training and have built a reputation for innovative education, consistently nabbing top honors in Modern Salon's national Excellence in Education program. As the most awarded beauty school in the nation, Bellus Academy has been named the "best beauty school in the nation" two years in a row by Modern Salon and was most recently awarded the number one beauty school in North America by Intercoiffure. Financial Aid We offer financial aid to those who qualify. We also have ongoing scholarships for recent high school graduates and military. OUR POWAY CAMPUS Located in the heart of San Diego County, our award-winning Poway location underwent a $2.5 million renovation in 2009, expanding the facility to 20,000 square feet and adding equipment that you'll find only in high-end spas. OVERVIEW OF OUR PROGRAMS • Cosmetology Our Cosmetology program includes professional training in all aspects of the beauty industry. The program includes an iPad, where much of the curriculum is taught in conjunction with a social learning experience. Our salon floor gives students the experience needed to develop their craft and work with clients. We also offer advanced Cosmetology programs. • Barbering Developed in partnership with internationally acclaimed hairstylist DJ Muldoon of San Diego's theFactory salon, our Barbering curriculum features 10 signature barbering cuts inspired by period-drama programs including Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men. • Make-up Artistry We have partnered with Make-Up Designory to offer our Make-up Artistry course, which can be taken in conjunction with other programs or as a standalone in California campuses. We are one of the only academies to offer a professional make-up course at this level. • Esthetics Our Esthetics program offers professional training in all standard aspects of the esthetics industry. We offer advanced programs that will allow you to take your education to the next level and wow employers in luxury and medical spas. • Massage Therapy Our Massage Therapy program provides the skills and resources to be successful in the ever-growing massage and healthcare profession. Presented in a supportive, hands-on learning environment, our program teaches healing and awareness of the mind and body. • Spa Nail Our Spa Nail program is the first in the nation to go beyond the basics of manicuring, adding the spa treatment training demanded by luxury salons and spas.
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