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How to Become a Electrologist in North Carolina

North Carolina Electrology Careers At a Glance
  • Average salary for electrology in North Carolina is $33,760.
  • There is a predicted 16.40% job increase between 2012 - 2022.

One of the most exciting parts of working in the beauty industry is all of the new technology you get to work with on a daily basis. If you study electrology in North Carolina, you can work with high-end electrolysis equipment that allows you to help clients with permanent hair removal. As an electrologist, you can work with men and women that suffer from fast-growing or excessive body hair. If electrology sounds like the career path for you, just request information about programs in your area. Our site makes it simple for you to connect with beauty schools in N. Carolina!

Education Details

Prior to learning about electrology, your client base, and the techniques that go into this hair removal technique, you must master sanitation and hygiene. Throughout the course of the day, you may see multiple clients. It's your responsibility to protect all of them from infections and other diseases. Your education may cover sterilization, sanitation, disinfection, and aseptic techniques. In the classroom part of your training, you might learn about the causes of excessive hair growth. Patients may come to you with many different needs, and it's important for you to understand where they are coming from. This part of your training can also cover how hair growth occurs and what electrolysis does to skin and hair. Much of your time in electrology school may be spent on your electrolysis technique. Your instructors can teach you how to adjust your probes, intensity, timing, and depth of insertion to suit each client's specific needs. This also gives you experience with the electrolysis process.

License Renewal

If you want to work in electrology in North Carolina, you should become familiar with the North Carolina Board of Electrolysis Examiners. This agency handles the applications for initial licensure and renewal. Here is the application for initial licensure. License renewal is due annually by December 31st. The renewal fee is $125. But you will also have to pay a $100 inspection for your clinic (per practitioner). If you turn in your materials late, you will incur a late fee.

North Carolina Electrology Careers


Average yearly salary for electrology in North Carolina

Electrologists and other skin care specialists in North Carolina can earn an impressive range of salaries. Your salary will likely vary based on whether you're self-employed, employed by a dermatologist, or employed by a salon. O*Net reports that the average annual salary for a North Carolina skin care specialist is $33,600 per year. Those on the high end of the scale can earn more than $63,800 per year (O*Net, 2013). The job outlook for electrologists is generally positive. Between 2010 and 2020, O*Net expects nationwide demand for skin care specialists to increase by 40%. This may lead to a huge number of job openings for North Carolina electrologists. Before you can begin your career as an electrolysis professional, you must get your license from the North Carolina Board of Electrolysis Examiners. This board oversees the annual licensure of electrologists and ensures that all working professionals keep up on their continuing education requirements.

When you work as an electrologist, your day centers around your clients and their needs. You may work on a per-appointment basis, which means that you only have to go in when you have appointments scheduled. However, you may also work regular shifts to allow walk-in clients to get last-minute consultations. Each appointment will likely start with a lengthy consultation, since you're required to ensure that each client is a good for electrolysis. Each session may from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on your client's needs. You may want to plan on spending lots of time cleaning and sanitizing, since your work area must be spotless for each new client. If you bring a personal background in excessive hair growth to this career, you may be able to bond with clients and understand their struggle. Local electrologist Dana Begley Combopiano started a job in this path because she saw first-hand the power of electrolysis. Her success shows that keeping your clients at the top of your priority list can really help you take your career to the next level. By developing a camaraderie with your clients and dedicating yourself to long-term results, you can build a large patient base that depends on you for their hair removal needs.

Contact the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetology

North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners

The state of North Carolina has seen immense growth in the beauty care industry being a career for residents in past years. As this continues, those professionals make it a point to add to their expertise by learning more about different fields like electrology. For interested parties, these groups provide the information they seek.

North Carolina Board of Electrolysis Examiners
Electrolysis Association of North Carolina
Southeastern School of Electrology

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