Oncology Esthetician | Esthetics School Career Paths

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oncology esthetician with a patient
Esthetician Career | Oncology Esthetician A cancer diagnosis can spell irreversible physical and mental changes to a person’s life. Although new treatments and better medications continue to improve outcomes, the process of getting well still takes its toll on patients --…

Trend spotting: Putting Tattoo Nightmares To Bed

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ethetics tattoo removal
Tattoo Removal as an Esthetician Tattooing is a centuries-old art used by warriors to celebrate battle victories and by sailors to ensure proper identification should their ship be lost at sea. Today, tattoos are used for everything from self-expression to proclaiming gang…

What Do Top Cosmetology Schools Have In Common?

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Cosmetology student working on client's hair
If you are trying to figure out the best traits of top cosmetology schools, then this list should help you out. We compiled five of the best traits we see in the top cosmetology program, based on our years of experience working with cosmetology schools and students. We could…

Great pumpkin! They’re not just for lattes anymore

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Great pumpkin! They’re not just for lattes anymore
Brace yourself. The annual onslaught of pumpkin flavored, scented, colored, etc. merchandise is about to hit. But in all the marketing, don’t lose sight of pumpkin’s valuable skincare qualities. Rich in vitamins, zinc, and potassium, the only fruit noble enough to earn a Charlie…