Academy Of Professional Barber-Stylists

2401 Blueridge Avenue Suite 102, Silver Spring, MD 20902
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Academy Of Professional Barber-Stylists

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Programs Offered

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Editor's Description

Located just North of Washington, D.C., the Academy of Professional Barber-Stylists has offered a leading and unique barbering program since 1963. On Google, Nelson V. says, "I've been coming here for several decades and the students do a great job."

Though it's a barber program, they teach advanced methods and techniques with a particular focus on hairstyling for both women and men.

The 1,200-hour curriculum takes full-time students 32 weeks to complete. You can also attend part-time, but the state requires attendance for at least 20 hours per week.

An admission interview is required, and classes typically take place from Tuesday through Saturday each week. The program functions continuously, and students normally begin courses on the first or third Tuesday of every month.

After graduation, the Academy helps students find jobs through their extensive list of industry contacts, with a 61% job placement rate.

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This school is accredited by the State Board of Cosmetology.

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