Faire Belle Institute

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9605 Clark Road Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75249
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Faire Belle Institute

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In the School's Words

Faire Belle

Faire Belle Institute

Faire Belle Institute is a black-owned business educating women on the proper care and maintenance of ethnic hair. We are a trusted cosmetology school in Dallas, TX providing excellent training for aspiring beauty professionals. We have the skills and experience to offer cosmetology education that can help women become successful.

Enroll in Our Cosmetology School

Do you have the passion for hair styling? Perhaps you want to pursue a career in the cosmetology industry. Sign up for training at Faire Belle Institute. Our stylist and instructor has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hair care. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our courses and our hybrid program.

Become a Professional Cosmetologist Today

Do you want to become a professional cosmetologist? Enroll at Faire Belle Institute in Dallas, TX. We take pride in having one of the first hybrid cosmetology programs. We offer four-day training courses, and our program can be completed in as little as seven months with our first class starting online.

Cosmetology Education

Faire Belle Institute is a leading cosmetology school that focuses on proper care and maintenance of ethnic hair. Our instructor is a master stylist with the passion in hair styling and a commitment to providing great training on hair care. We are here to encourage students to become successful beauty professionals.

An Expert in Hair Care

Here at Faire Belle Institute, we have knowledge and expertise in hair care. We not only provide hair care services, but we also offer cosmetology training. Our goal is to use our background in the industry to help other women reach success in a career in the hair and beauty industry.


We accept students for an affordable tuition fee of $10,500. Please note that cosmetology kit and books are available at a separate cost.

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This school is accredited by the State Board of Cosmetology.

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