Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology

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311 East Pioneer Parkway, Grand Prarier, TX 75051
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Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology
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Programs Offered

Remember to make sure that a program meets any licensing requirements in Texas before you start! Check out our licensing information for Cosmetology or Nail Technology.
Program Length 1,000 hours
Average Completion 12 months
Program Tuition $13,750
Program Length 750 hours
Average Completion 6 months
Program Tuition $7,620
Makeup Artistry
Program Length 720 hours
Average Completion 6 months
Program Tuition $9,900
Beauty Instructor
Program Length 750 hours
Average Completion 6 months
Program Tuition $5,200

In the School's Words

Welcome to Tint!

A forward thinking specialty beauty school. At Tint we endeavor to make your educational experience second to none. Tint is a new concept in instruction, development and education for those interested in becoming a part of the artistic world of hair, skin, nails and makeup.

Our artistically focused curriculum will allow you to express your creativity and individuality and continue to grow during the entire course of your education.

This allows us to focus our teaching efforts on what truly excites you in the FASHION INDUSTRY.

At Tint we offer two courses of instruction:

  • COSMETOLOGY (1,000 hours)
  • MANICURE (600 hours)

We are not a product based school. Tint beauty schools are technique based schools which allows us to give our students the best of all techniques regardless of product.

From LA to New York and finding a home in the Dallas area our top professionals have the experience and diversity to enrich the life of their students with this once in a lifetime education. We want to be a growth center and resource community where students will be instructed towards gaining their license, having hands on experience in the salon, spa, fashion shows, photoshoots & production work.

Your Education

Your education at Tint beauty school will be unique, focused, artistically expressive, and individual.


Because of our experience and ongoing involvement in editorial, cinematic and educational projects the curriculum is geared to take you well above and beyond the basic state board training by starting you at the very basics of hair cutting, coloring, styling, skin care methods, nail enhancement systems and makeup techniques and progressively moving into the most advanced in each area.

At Tint your learning will include:


  • Advanced cutting techniques that will take you well above the basics.
  • Advanced color applications and formulation methods
  • Advanced hair styling techniques
  • Chemical texture services
  • Manicures/Pedicures/Nail Enhancement Systems
  • Skin Care/Hair Removal
  • 3 Weeks of Intense Makeup Education
  • Salon/Spa Business Planning & Career Services


  • Building Blocks (Tools, Equipment, and Sanitation)
  • Basic Manicures & Pedicures
  • Spa Manicures & Pedicures
  • Reflexology
  • Tip Application and Shaping
  • Nail Enhancement Systems (Acrylic Building, Gel, & Dip)
  • Nail Artistry (Marbling, Airbrush, 3D, 4D, Aquarium & Encapsulation)
  • Nail Accessories (Crystals, Piercings & Jewelry)
  • Salon/Spa Business Planning & Career Services

Have no doubt the education is more demanding and requires a higher level commitment than the average school, it will however by far exceed your expectations and prepare you for a lucrative career straight out of school.

If working in or owning your own salon is your dream or if being part of the world of freelance and working in television and film excites you then come and be a part of the new movement at Tint.

Tint is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission for Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS).

To Get Started on Your Education

Tint accepts as regular students individuals who are:

  • Minimum 17 years of age
  • Posses a high school diploma, GED, high school equivalency, or have demonstrated an ability to benefit from the offered course of education (ATB) by taking and passing the required test.
  • Visited and toured the prospective campus of interest prior to enrolling.

Financing Your Future

VA Benefits

Veterans may utilize benefits from the Post 9/11 or GI bill to pay for their education, or that of a qualified family member, at Tint.

Cash Payments

Tint offer interest free payment plans while in school.

Financial Aid is Available to those who qualify

Tint participates in the following Federal Student Aid Programs:

  • Pell Grants
  • Subsidized Direct Student Loans
  • Unsubsidized Direct Student Loans
  • Plus Loans

Tint also offers interest free payment plans. Tint cosmetology school is when you are not willing to take chances on your career!!!

Contact us now for more information and a no obligation facility tour.

About This School


There is an application fee of $100. Please contact this school to learn more about how to apply.

Financial Aid

52% of students received financial aid. Students were awarded $4,959 on average.
First-time undergraduate students in the 2021 school year.


This school's accreditation status is unknown. Most states require that you graduate from an accredited or state-approved program to practice cosmetology and related beauty careers. Learn more about the requirements in your state on our licensing pages listed above.

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