Multimedia Makeup Academy

200 Kirts Boulevard, Troy, MI 48084
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Multimedia Makeup Academy

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Programs Offered

Remember to make sure that a program meets the licensing requirements in Michigan before you start! Check out our licensing information for Cosmetology, Esthetics or Makeup Artistry.

In the School's Words

Beauty School For Aspiring Artists & Stylists

We are the only licensed beauty school that focuses on comprehensive makeup training. The academy provides students with an educational background that will better prepare them for their future as a makeup artist, cosmetologist, or esthetician. Instead of just offering Salon and Spa services, academy graduates can pursue endless opportunities.

Our Programs

The Academy offers financial assistance through private loan partnerships, pre-payment plans, pay-in-full incentives and scholarships.

Makeup + Esthetics

  • Master Artist + Esthetics (850hrs)
    • Tuition: $33,500 + Materials $2,500
  • Special FX Artist + Esthetics (680hrs)
    • Tuition: $25,450 + Materials $2,100
  • Scholar Artist + Esthetics (570hrs)
    • Tuition: $24,400 + Materials $2,200
  • Professional Artist + Esthetics (400hrs)
    • Tuition: $15,500 + Materials $1,800

Makeup + Cosmetology

  • Master Artist + Cosmetology (1950 hrs)
    • Tuition: $44,500 + Materials $3,600
  • Special FX Artist + Cosmetology (1780hrs)
    • Tuition $36,450 + Materials $3,100
  • Scholar Artist + Cosmetology (1670hrs)
    • Tuition $35,400 + Materials $3,200
  • Professional Artist + Cosmetology (1500hrs)
    • Tuition 26,500 + Materials $2,900

The Academy's Highlights

Balanced Education

  • Peer to peer learning
  • Project based assessments
  • Entrepreneurial design
  • Technology integration

Industry Innovations

  • Brow design
  • Brow henna/tinting
  • Brow laminating
  • Lash lifts
  • Lash extensions
  • Hair extensions
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Commercial/Film Makeup
  • Special FX Makeup

Business Insights

  • Capture your work
  • Edit your images/video
  • Create your brand
  • Design your website
  • Build your audience

The Multimedia Makeup Academy Advantage

Solopreneur Training

Unlike other beauty schools we offer what you need to become the creator of your own success. Learn how to uniquely brand yourself and build your own start-up as a freelance makeup artist, stylist, brand consultant or beauty expert as a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.

Career Concierge

If you are not ready to be a Solopreneur yet and want to gain more experience in the industry we have personalized career counseling to help propel you into the career of your dreams. The Career Concierge provides a variety of career services that will help you connect with business professionals in beauty, film or special fx.

Exclusive Mentorship

Once you begin your journey we want to make sure that you have the resources necessary to be a successful student. We want you to be comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance from an industry professional. Upon enrollment each student will be assigned a professional mentor that aligns with their esthetics or cosmetology program.

What Student/Alumni Have To Say

“I have been a student/alumni of MMA since 2016. Gradually over the years I have watched the school grow tremendously. Taking over a new learning space has been such an incredible improvement. We are given the proper course materials and knowledge needed to make it into this industry. As you know it can be very competitive. But within the community at MMA it is not like that. We want the best for each other and everyone is always there to provide help, feedback, or pass along jobs. No matter what you are taken care of. The instructors and the school administrator-Brandi will always make sure you are on track and where you need to be. I could not recommend the school enough. Without them I wouldn’t have the knowledge or confidence to be in the place that I am today.”
-Keri campbell

“I am a recent graduate of MMA and cannot give higher praise for my experience with staff and learning here. Not only are they incredibly accommodating, understanding, and knowledgeable, they truly do care about their students and strive to create an open and artistic environment. It is a very fun experience and great place to connect with others. I graduated during the beginning of COVID, and even in uncertain times, I felt like a priority as a student. I would highly recommend it for anyone with a creative itch, love of makeup, and thirst for hands-on knowledge. One instructor even let me help assist her on a bridal job for professional experience. Opportunity, help, and professional advice is abundant--they want to help you succeed here. Everyone I encountered from the staff was truly wonderful. It also seems to be a school continuing to expand what they offer in teaching and adapting.Thank you MMA!”
-Maria Papandreou

“MMA was a really great experience for me. I've personally gained valuable information, confidence as a MUA and lasting friendships with students. At this school you will learn and grow at an accelerated rate with your skill set and you as an individual. I believe this school and everyone who is involved is supportive and wants the best for every single person who joins!”
-Janay smith

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Multimedia Makeup

Multimedia Makeup

Multimedia Makeup

Multimedia Makeup

Multimedia Makeup

Multimedia Makeup

Multimedia Makeup

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