New York School of Esthetics & Day Spa

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239 Central Avenue 3rd Floor, White Plains, NY 10606
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New York School of Esthetics & Day Spa
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Programs Offered

Remember to make sure that a program meets any licensing requirements in New York before you start! Check out our licensing information for Esthetics, Makeup Artistry or Laser Hair Removal.
Program Length 600 hours
Average Completion 5 months
Program Tuition $8,475

In the School's Words

Classes only offered in English

Our Dedication to You

We are very proud of offering the best professional environment and course curriculum to our students when preparing them for their New York State Board Exam.

The three major skin care subjects covered are

  • Facials
  • Make up applications
  • Waxing

New York State requires a student successfully passes the 600-hour Esthetic course before taking the State Board Exam.


The word esthetics originates from the Greek word aesthetikos, which means perceptible to the senses. The primary role of an esthetician is to enhance and correct the beauty and health of the skin.

We encourage you to review our course outline and enrollment procedures. We are available for any additional questions and to schedule a visit of our skin care facilities.

Course Goals

The Esthetics course is designed so that students who graduate are prepared to pass their State Board and to attain an entry-level job in Esthetics.Although placement assistance service is provided, the school cannot guarantee a job to any student or graduate.

Course Topics

The program is comprised of the following topics:

  • Orientation
  • Safety and Health
  • Bacteriology
  • Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Structure & Functions of Skin
  • Superfluous Hair
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry applied to Cosmetics
  • Electricity & Machines
  • Facial & Body Procedures
  • Make up Techniques
  • Business Practices
  • Job Skills
  • Intro to Paramedical Esthetics
  • State Board Preparation

Course Format

All units of this course are taught both in theory and practical aspects of esthetics. The teaching techniques used are lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops. Classes are taught in English.

Course Requirements

Pass all written and practical exams, attend in no less than 80% of each subject (class) and hold a 70% or better grade point average.

Course Grading

Students are required to maintain a 70% or C average. Written and practical tests are given throughout the entire course. Instructors sign off clinical practice work. Theory exams will be graded numerically. Practical exams will be graded on preparation, performance, cleanliness, and end results.

Academic and Attendance progress will be measured at mid-point and 480 hours. Students who meet the minimum requirements for attendance and academic progress shall be considered to be making satisfactory progress until the next evaluation. In order for a student to be considered making satisfactory progress, the student must meet both attendance and academic minimum requirements on at least one evaluation by the midpoint of the course.

Instructional Methods

Lectures, guest speakers, videos, conferences, software training, practical (hands-on) practice, reception, and sanitation.

About This School


There is an application fee of $100. Please contact this school to learn more about how to apply.

Financial Aid

30% of students received financial aid. Students were awarded $3,268 on average.
First-time undergraduate students in the 2021 school year.

School Size

As of 2021 this school has 119 students enrolled with a student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1.

Information gathered from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), 2023.


National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS)

This school is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS).

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