Ravish Brows

4318 El Prado Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33629
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Ravish Brows

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Programs Offered

Remember to make sure that a program meets the licensing requirements in Florida before you start! Check out our licensing information for Permanent Makeup.

Editor's Description

Programs Include:

  • Lip Blush Training
  • Classic Eyelash Training
  • Scalp Micropigmentation Training
  • Combo Microblading and Powder Brows Training

The beauty programs offered by Ravish Brows are designed to take any student and mold them into skilled beauty specialists. Instructor Mya Sophya, who won Best Microblading Of The Bay 2020, has over 18 years of knowledge and experience and still works in the salon every day.

The courses on offer range from lip blushing and eyelash application to scalp micropigmentation and microblading and powder brows. Students receive custom-designed products and tools as part of their package and receive a discount on products and tools for life.

95% of students complete their program in less than one month, making it easy to fit in around other commitments and studies.

"You guys have to come out here!" says alumni Elijua. "Mya is amazing! She's funny, she's fun, it's interesting, it's not boring—it's not your average training. You're gonna know every single thing, the ins and the outs—I feel confident right now to go work on someone!"

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This school's accreditation status is unknown. Most states require that you graduate from an accredited program to practice cosmetology and related beauty careers. Learn more about the requirements in your state on our licensing pages listed above.

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