Blushington Academy - Interactive Online Makeup Artist Academy

445 Park Avenue Suite 928, New York, NY 10022
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Blushington Academy - Interactive Online Makeup Artist Academy
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The first of its kind, the Blushington Academy for Artist Advancement is an interactive, 25-hour online educational course covering the practical and conceptual elements of establishing your expertise as a freelance makeup artist. Class size is limited to 10 participants to allow for open dialogue and ample Q & A. Each participant receives a Pro Makeup & Skincare Kit valued at $1,000+ for use during the course and for working with clients.

Upon completing the Academy, our graduates receive their own dedicated page on where they can feature their favorite makeup and skincare products. Any artist who chooses to take advantage of their ""shop in shop"" will receive 20% commission on all sales generated from their shop - no strings attached. We have a 100% satisfaction rate based on the quality of material covered in our course, as well as the ongoing support and educational resources designed to help build your book of business. We are currently offering 20% off tuition for spring enrollments for a limited time. Contact us at 347-213-1621 to learn more.

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