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We think it’s a great idea to check out permanent makeup centers in Connecticut, such as A Better Image, in the Glastonbury area, so you can see what you’re aiming for in this area of the beauty industry. When you work as a permanent makeup technician in Connecticut, you can help a wide variety of clients benefit from the convenience of this esthetic. But you can’t learn how to deliver quality care, or connect with prospective employers without the right permanent makeup training. Fortunately, we have relationships with cosmetology schools in your area that can answer your questions

If you’re serious about pursuing a permanent makeup artist training, you’re about to embark on a journey that requires some planning. Go ahead and use the search box at the top of this page or scroll to the cosmetology school listings below. We recommend speaking with several schools about their permanent makeup programs before making a decision. Ask each one how they help graduates transition from the classroom to their first job. And when you are working as a permanent makeup artist in Connecticut, be sure to share news of your success with us!

State License Requirements

In Connecticut, you must become licensed as a tattoo technician to work as a permanent makeup artist. You must provide proof of completion of a course in disease transmission and bloodborne pathogens. You must be licensed in basic first aid through the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. The state requires that you spend 2,000 hours learning directly from a licensed tattoo technician.

Find out more about Connecticut permanent makeup licensing:

Education Details

Becoming a permanent makeup artist in Connecticut requires courses in several critical areas. You will need to understand state business laws, sanitation and safety practices, as well as develop the physical ability to work with the equipment for the best patient outcomes. That’s why you will want to start with the curriculum when comparing permanent makeup schools in your area.

Permanent makeup courses in Connecticut •

  • Anatomy and physiology •
  • Color mixing and theory •
  • Highlights and shadow •
  • Topical anesthesia
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
License Renewal Period

They administer the licenses and outline the renewal process on their website. If you meet the requirements for licensure in this state, you will submit an initial license fee of $250. From there, you will renew your license every two years for a cost of $200. If you are reinstating your license, the fee is $250.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022
Working as a Permanent Makeup Artist

Permanent makeup artists have the job option of working in a salon because permanent makeup is a value-added service with many potential benefits for salon clientele. An example of one such benefit is that permanent makeup helps women maintain their desired appearance without the ongoing effort that daily makeup application requires. The job outlook is good for permanent makeup artists.

Here are a few salon locations in Connecticut where you could be employed as a permanent makeup artist:

State board Contact Information

Connecticut Dept. of Public Health - Cosmetology & Licensing
410 Capitol Ave., MS #13PHO
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308
Phone Number: 860-509-7603 x6
Fax Number: 860-509-8457
E-mail Address:

The Connecticut State Board of Cosmetology can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology license, updating a change of name or change of address information, and acquiring out-of-state and other useful forms, as well as answer additional questions about obtaining a Connecticut cosmetology license.

Makeup in Connecticut is definitely serious business. Those stylists who make
a living there have injected a boost to the industry’s rise thanks to specialties
offered such as permanent makeup. Those looking to take part consult these
organizations to learn how.

Connecticut Department of Public Health
National Interstate Council of Board of Cosmetology
Professional Beauty Association


Find the Beauty Schools in Connecticut that interest you below,

Look Image Academy Permanent Make-Up Academy

37 Longwharf Mall,**Travel and Accommodations Included
Newport, RI 02840

Program: Permanent Make-Up

Academy Di Capelli

1010 Main Street,
East Hartford, CT 06108

Program: Cosmetology

Sono Academy

84 North Main Street,
Norwalk, CT 06854

Program: Cosmetology

Oxford Academy of Hair Design

153 North Street,
Seymour, CT 06483

Program: Cosmetology

Academy Di Capelli

950 Yale Avenue #20,
Wallingford, CT 06492

Program: Cosmetology

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