Permanent Make-Up

Tattoos are almost commonplace nowadays, with even the most reserved people having a little piece of body art on a shoulder or ankle.

But did you know that tattooing needles can be used in another creative and innovative way? Permanent makeup is a beauty specialty in which artists use tattoo needles to deposit pigment on the skin.

State License Requirements
Contact the Board of Body Art Practitioners

Licensing for Oregon body art and tattoo professionals, including permanent makeup, is handled through the Oregon Health Authority.

Education Details

A major focus in permanent makeup training programs is proper client consultation and education. Your instructors may teach you how to assess a client’s needs, their skin type, what they want done, and how realistic their requests are. You should also learn how to give informed consent by informing clients of potential risks and complications. However, the most important part of your education may be the hands-on education you get as a student. By learning how to really use tattoo needles and pigments, you may get the experience you need to thrive.

License Renewal
Contact the Board of Body Art Practitioners

In this state, tattooing and permanent makeup licenses are valid for one year, and must be renewed before their yearly expiration date. Oregon also requires ongoing continuing education courses for practitioners. The fee for an individual license renewal is $50. If you are renewing a facility license, the fee is $100. To make sure you are ready to pass inspections and give quality services, the next step is comparing permanent makeup programs near you.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Oregon has one of the best job outlooks for cosmetology professionals in the entire country. From 2012 through 2022, they anticipate a 31% jump in job openings (O*Net, 2012). The salary you earn as a permanent makeup artist depends on which work setting you choose and how well you market your skills. The overall average salary for an Oregon cosmetology professional is $23,800 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Working as a Permanent Makeup Artist

Your days in this career may be spent helping people with a huge variety of medical needs, cosmetic needs, and backgrounds. It’s true—some people seek out permanent makeup artists to help them with damage caused by medical conditions or injuries. For example, you may use your skills to blend in damage caused to skin by a fire or fill out the eyebrows of someone who has lost them due to cancer. By helping people in this way, you can feel good about what you’re doing as a beauty professional. In addition, you may spend your time doing many cosmetic procedures. As you gain practice and learn what people in your area like, you may build your skills quite a bit.

State board Contact Information

Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA)
700 Summer Street NE, Suite 320
Salem, OR 97301-1287
Phone Number: 503-378-8667
Fax Number: 503-370-9004
E-mail Address:

For specific questions, please contact the Oregon Board of Cosmetology directly for more information.

Beauty professionals in Oregon have no issues keeping their clients satisfied.
To that end, their knack for employing varied techniques stoke interest, with
permanent makeup as one example. As such, there are those ready to help
professionals add that to their repertoire.

Oregon Health Licensing Office
Professional Beauty Association
International Make-Up Association


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