Fashion Design

Alabama has an incredibly diverse and eccentric fashion community, which makes it the perfect place for aspiring fashion designers! Regardless of where your fashion interests lie, you'll likely be able to find a fashion community that you fit into.

Becoming a fashion designer in Alabama does require quite a bit of training and education, so you should plan on spending at least two to four years in school to earn your degree. Contact the beauty schools in your area today to learn more about their programs.

State License Requirements

Fashion design requires creativity, artistry, and hands-on skills. However, like most other states, Alabama does not license fashion designers. Instead, employers look at your education, your experience, and your portfolio. While there are no licensure requirements, it is important to attend a fashion design school and learn the basics of this field. This gives you the chance to build a portfolio and become active in the fashion industry. Through continuing training courses, professionals can stay on top of new trends.

Education Details

You don't have to be a Picasso or Monet to succeed in fashion design, but you do need some basic artistic skills! Even if you don't have natural artistic ability, you can pick up the skills you need during a fashion design degree. In classes like Fashion Sketching for Design, Pattern Drafting, and Fundamentals of Sketching, you may develop your sketching skills and learn how to make your designs come alive on paper. Fashion doesn't live on paper alone. You need to be able to create mockups and samples with various sewing techniques and fabrics.

When you attend school for fashion design in Alabama, you can learn how to use a sewing machine and integrate various sewing techniques into your repertoire. Sample classes include Industry Sewing and Fashion Sewing Techniques. Knowing the history and business side of fashion is often important, so you may take some classroom courses in addition to your hands-on classes. Many schools require classes like Business of Fashion and Fashion History.

License Renewal
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The annual median salary for Alabama fashion designers is $64,030 per year (O*net, 2016). You may earn even more based on your job experience and employment setting. As an aspiring fashion design professional in Alabama, you may want to join the Alabama Fashion Alliance. This group hosts fashion shows and fashion design weekends for designers.

Working as a Fashion Designer

Fashion design is often considered one of the most exciting fields out there, but it can also be one of the most demanding. New fashion designers may have to work long hours, including nights and weekends, to prove themselves in the industry and meet the needs of their employers. As a result, you may want to keep your schedule open for the first year of your fashion career! The job duties of a fashion designer vary from day to day and from employer to employer. One day, you may be sketching designs and fixing them up. The next, you might pitch your designs to customers or supervisors. Another day, you might look at another stylist's designs and try to make them even stronger. It's important to not be too set in your ways and to be willing to do whatever tasks and jobs come up. There's room for eclectic and unique designs in Alabama, so you can find your passion and run with it! reports on Destani Hoffman, an Alabama-based designer who uses plastic eyes to turn up her designs. Her willingness to push the boundaries has led to her becoming an institution in Alabama fashion design. Find your niche and explore it to make a name for yourself! To get started, use our site to contact beauty schools in Alabama today!

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