Fashion Design

Though many people think that the fashion industry is only big in fashion hubs like New York City and Chicago, the truth is that fashion designers are employed all over the United States.

Even in states that aren'’t often thought of as fashion forward need a steady supply of clothing to keep stores full and residents clothed.

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When you first begin your fashion design curriculum, you may get an introduction to the industry as a whole and some of the skills you need to be successful. This may involve studying iconic fashion designers, learning about different areas in fashion history, and discovering what the industry expects of designers. In addition, you may start learning the essentials of fashion drawing and computer drafting. As you prepare for the end of your education, you may create a portfolio, complete an internship, or both. These aspects of your training are extremely important when it comes time to finding a job. For this reason, you will want to review fashion schools thoroughly before you enroll.

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Between 2012 - 2022

Though salaries can vary widely in any career field, they tend to be particularly diverse in fashion. This is because extremely well-known fashion designers can command very high salaries, while most designers need to work their way up to a higher earning potential. According to O*Net, the average salary for a Wyoming fashion designer is $64,030 per year O*Net, 2016) Job openings in this field may stay relatively stable for several years to come (O*Net, 2016).

Working as a Fashion Designer

As you start to get established in your new career, you may find that a fashion designer’s life can be very busy. In the weeks leading up to a fashion show, you may work long nights and complete last-minute revisions to meet clients’ expectations. Even at a typical day in the office, your job duties may change from day to day. From collaborating on designs to touching up your own creations, you may be responsible for many tasks in the design world.

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