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Oregon Fashion Design Careers At a Glance
  • N/A education hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every n/a.
  • N/A continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • Average salary for fashion design in Oregon is $65,300.
  • There is a predicted 20.2% job increase between 2012 - 2022.

When you think of fashion design, what do you think of? Do you think of the cutting-edge couture styles that fill the runways every season, or do you think about the clothes that regular people wear on a daily basis? Fashion designers do it all, from clothing that’s thousands of dollars per article to clothing that is intended for people on budgets./p>

State License Requirements

N/A Education Hours

Required to earn a fashion design license

Education Details

Many of the courses you take as a fashion design student may focus on your artistic abilities. By taking classes like Sketching for Fashion Design and Computer-Aided Fashion Design, you can learn how to create patterns that fit in with what the industry expects of its designers. Other classes develop your theoretical understanding of this industry.

For example, you may enroll in classes like

  • History of Fashion Design
  • Survey of the Fashion Industry
  • Iconic Fashion Designers

License Renewal


License renewal period

N/A Hours

Continuing education required

Oregon Fashion Design Careers


Average yearly salary for fashion design in Oregon

Fashion designers in Oregon report a wide range of salaries. As you gain a reputation and experience in this industry, you may find that you can earn more money than in the early stages of your career. O*Net reports an average salary for Oregon fashion designers is $52,400 per year (O*Net, 2016) Though other parts of the country may not see much growth in fashion design, Oregon’s fashion design industry is growing quite quickly. By the year 2022, O*Net expects a 22% increase in jobs.

Working in the fashion industry may be one of the most challenging, rewarding, and exciting things you ever do. You may need to earn your stripes by working underneath experienced fashion designers, altering their designs in response to feedback, and making sure they have everything they need to succeed. Once you have proven your skills and knowledge to your employer, you may graduate to creating your own designs and heading up your own projects. Put in the hours, work, and networking effort to reach your goals.

Contact the Oregon State Board of Fashion Design

Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA)

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