Fashion Design

Take a look at photographs throughout history. What’s the fastest way to tell when someone lived, what their tastes were, and what kind of lifestyle they led?

Their clothing, of course. That’s why fashion design continues to be one of the most important fields in the beauty industry. People always want to look better, find clothes that they love, and feel comfortable in the apparel they choose.

State License Requirements

You may earn an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design to start a rewarding career in this field. An Associate’s degree may prepare you for entry-level fashion careers, while a Bachelor’s degree may give you the freedom to work in more fashion specialties and settings.

Education Details

Your curriculum should include courses in a variety of subject areas. Part of your education looks at the artistry of fashion design. In this category, plan on taking courses like

  • Computerized Pattern Design
  • Form and Space in Fashion Design
  • Composition and Media in Fashion Design
  • Introduction to Fashion Sketching

These courses cover the theory of fashion sketching and help you take your practical artistic skills to the next level. These courses can also help you develop your portfolio. Other courses give you a look at the fashion industry and the history of this field. You may take classes like

  • Business of Fashion
  • History of Fashion
  • Concept Development in Fashion Design
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
License Renewal Period
Job Outlook Decrease
Between 2012 - 2022

The fashion design industry is expected to stay fairly stable in Minnesota. Through 2022, O*Net expects job openings for fashion designers to increase by 1% in Minnesota. Jobs are expected to decline elsewhere in the country, so Minnesota may be ta great place to begin your career. A degree, relevant experience, and contacts in the field can help you make the most of your potential job outlook. In the field of fashion design, salaries vary from professional to professional. O*Net reports an average salary of $46,750 per year for Minnesota fashion professionals (O*Net, 2016). You may increase your earning potential by developing advanced artistic skills or working closely with top designers in your area.

Working as a Fashion Designer

Fashion design is a growing field in Minnesota, and knowing your audience is a big part of your success in this industry! CBS Local in Minnesota reports on a local fashion show that showcased the best of Minnesota fashion designers. Designers in this state have taken note of residents’ needs and created clothing that is appropriate in all four of Minnesota’s very extreme seasons. You can learn from this. Learn what your demographic group wants to wear during Minnesota’s bitter winters or mild springs to create clothing that is both practical and attractive. You may explore many employment options after you complete your fashion design degree in Minnesota. Consider looking into local clothing retailers and design firms to find out what design needs local businesses have. You may also work for Minnesota manufacturers and wholesalers to create clothing for a variety of demographic groups. As you build your experience and your portfolio, you may be able to look into positions with high-end fashion designers to take your career to the next level. Growth and change are constants in this industries, so stay flexible to keep your opportunities wide open!

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