Fashion Design

Do you have an eye for fashion and the ability to put together outfits that just seem to work?

If so, you may be well on your way to an exciting and rewarding career in fashion design.

State License Requirements

As is the case with other states, the state of Nebraska does not have any licensing requirements for fashion designers. This does not mean, however, that education is unnecessary in this field. In fact, it’s extremely important to have the right skills before jumping into the field of fashion design. Consider attending an undergraduate fashion design program to develop your design and sewing skills while developing a portfolio.

Education Details

Unless you have previous experience in the fashion industry, you may be unfamiliar with all the areas you have to study to succeed in this field! Artistic skills are very important. You must be able to bring ideas in your head to life through sketches that convey your ideas to investors. Furthermore, you must be able to take existing sketches and tailor them in response to feedback. An extensive knowledge of fabric is also crucial. Through courses like Knitwear Design, Draping of Fabrics, and Sewing I, you may learn how different fabrics fit, how they fit into designs, and how to use them to create mock-ups of a design. Furthermore, you should be willing to learn about trends, both past and present. You may learn about the history of fashion and design while learning to think critically about the styles that are popular today. As you work toward a degree in fashion design, you should work on a portfolio each semester. By the time you graduate, you may have a tool that you can use to market yourself, show off your sense of style, and display your best designs to potential employers.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
License Renewal Period
Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Nebraska may be the perfect place to get your education and start your fashion design career! In general, the nationwide demand for fashion designers is expected to decrease slightly through 2022 (O*Net, 2016). However, in Nebraska, job openings are expected to increase by 22% in this time frame (O*Net, 2016). Salaries in the world of fashion vary quite a bit. If you have a design specialty, such as swimwear, children’s wear, or fitness wear, you may be able to use your expertise to earn a higher salary. Furthermore, experience and reputation can help you boost your earning potential year after year. Per O*Net, the average salary for a Nebraska fashion designer is $64,030 per year. (O*Net, 2016)

Working as a Fashion Designer

Fashion is a field in which change is inevitable and creativity is valued, both of which can lead to a rewarding career experience for you. There are several employment routes you can follow as a new fashion designer. You may seek employment with a wholesaler, manufacturer, or retailer. These jobs often require you to create clothing for different demographics and use popular trends to create affordable clothing for different groups of people. You may also wish to become a freelancer or start your own fashion design company. While this may give you more freedom to create the designs you want to create, you must also take on more responsibility. This route may require you to do market research, pitch to potential customers, and put in long hours until you are established. Some people choose to gain some experience in a traditional employment setting before becoming self-employed. As a fashion design professional, you may be able to speak for different groups and even create employment within your community. Fashion designer Isy Obi, creator of Isy B, hopes to use her fashion line to increase employment opportunities in her local community and abroad. Are you ready to use your creativity for an exciting and growing field? 

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