Fashion Design
West Virginia

The field of fashion design is perhaps one of the most diverse in the entire beauty industry. Few other career fields are as dependent on location as fashion design.

When you work in West Virginia, for example, you have to meet an entirely different set of customer expectations than if you lived in a major city or a different part of the country.

State License Requirements
Education Details

While attending a fashion design school, you may spend much of your time working on your artistic abilities. This includes working on paper and on computers.

To that end, you may take courses like

  • Sketching for Fashion Design
  • Computer-Aided Fashion Design

Other courses may specifically relate to how the fashion industry has developed and how it is run today. Classes in this category may include

  • History of Fashion Design
  • Profile of the Fashion Industry
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
License Renewal Period
Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

No matter where you live, fashion designers earn a wide range of salaries. What you earn depends on how well you network, how well-known you are in your local fashion industry, and what type of clothing you design. Overall, the average salary for a West Virginia fashion designer is $64,030 per year (O*Net, 2016). Growth in the fashion industry is fairly stable, according to O*Net. The job outlook may be better in large cities than in rural areas.

Working as a Fashion Designer

A background in fashion design can prepare you for many different job duties and responsibilities. For example, as a new designer, you may work with more experienced designers to learn what they do and do detail work on their designs. As you gain seniority at your place of employment, you may create your own pieces of clothing and even your own fashion lines. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may decide a self-employed fashion designer. This requires you to land your own clients, create clothing that perfectly suits their specifications, and either make it yourself or outsource the creation of the garment.

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The West Virginia State Board of Cosmetology can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology license, updating change of name or change of address information, and acquiring out-of-state and other useful forms, as well as answer additional questions about obtaining a West Virginia state cosmetology license.

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