Hair Design

One of the largest career paths in the cosmetology industry is hair design. Across Wisconsin, people go to cosmetologists and hairstylists for a variety of services.

If you want to spend your days coloring, cutting, and styling, keep reading to learn more about hair design programs and Wisconsin.

State License Requirements

In Wisconsin, there is one true path towards a career in hair design, and it passes through cosmetology licensure. If you want to work as a professional hair stylist in this state, you will need to earn this credential, which requires completion of a minimum 1,800-hour program.

Education Details

Hair design is a fairly broad field, so you should plan on spending quite a bit of time completing your education and getting the experience you need to succeed. A big part of working in this field is cutting. Your instructors may show you how to cut hair of different textures, lengths, and thicknesses. You should also learn how to communicate with customers to ensure that they get the cut they want. It is crucial to learn how to safely work with chemicals as part of your hair cutting career. From coloring and perming to relaxing and straightening, knowing how chemicals work and how to use them is a requirement of this program.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
License Renewal Period

Once you meet the other license requirements, you will need to renew in odd-numbered years, and pay a fee of $82. When you are fully licensed, you can start rocking awesome hair styles – and offer nail and makeup services to your clients as well!

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

As a hair designer, you may earn a variety of salaries. Your salary may be impacted by which type of salon you work in, how many customers you bring in, and which services you most commonly provide. According to O*Net, the average salary for a Wisconsin cosmetologist is $22,800 per year. Job openings in this field are expected to increase for a number of years. O*Net expects an 8% increase in cosmetology jobs by the year 2022.

Working as a Hair Designer

After you complete your education and get your license, it’s time to start your career. You may find work in a spa or in a salon. You may choose to rent a chair and become self-employed or become an employee at one of these establishments. If you rent a chair, you may be able to set your own hours and rates. However, if you are an employee, you are expected to work a variety of hours, including nights and weekends. This allows you to reach a broad range of clients and make the most of the time you spend behind the chair.

State board Contact Information

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board
PO Box 8935
1400 E. Washington Ave.
Madison WI 53703
Phone Number: 608-266-2112/877-617-1565
Fax Number: 608-261-7083
E-mail Address:

The Wisconsin Cosmetology Examining Board can help you answer any questions we did not answer above about obtaining a Wisconsin cosmetology license.

Wisconsin is a unique state, as evidenced by the many individuals who
hold fast to old-fashioned values. But some have taken up hair care as a way of
life, taking those values and interpreting them in classic and contemporary
styles. For those interested in a hair design career there, they consult
these organizations.

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Health Services
Hair Artists Association


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