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Cut, color, style—if you're ready to spend your days making people feel beautiful with you cosmetology skills, hair design in New York may be the perfect career for you. This state is where lots of new trends and styles are born, making it a great place to get started.

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State License Requirements

If you want to work as a hair designer in New York, you must earn a cosmetology license. Licensing requirements are fairly lenient in New York, so this is a great state to start your beauty career. You need at least 1000 hours of training from a licensed beauty school. You may then pay your licensing fee and take your written and practical exams.


Learn more about the licensing process:

New York Division of Licensing Services

Education Details

While studying to be a hair designer, it's important to realize that you'll have to spend some time learning about other types of cosmetology. A small part of your training may cover skin care, nail care, and other specialties. Your hair design training may start with basic cutting skills. This allows you to get a feel for different types of hair, the various tools used in hairstyling, and client consultation. You may learn about classic styles that are commonly requested, as well as modern and trendy hairstyles. A deep knowledge of the chemicals and tools used in chemical treatments is crucial. Hair straightening, curling, and coloring treatments all involve heavy duty chemicals, and you must know how they work before you can use them. Then you can practice these skills on mannequin heads and real clients. You can plan on spending lots of time on customer service and consultation in cosmetology school. If you cannot figure out what your clients want, you can't deliver it! You may practice with instructors and classmates to properly assess hair, understand a client's requests, and offer advice and insight.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
License Renewal Period

The state of New York offers a cosmetology (hairdresser) license that can be a great fit for students who have a passion for hair design. If you decide to pursue this license, you will need to complete a 1,000-hour training program to meet the state requirements. After obtaining your license, you can pursue hair design work, and offer services in makeup artistry and nails. The renewal process for cosmetologists in New York takes place every four years, and includes a $40 renewal fee. When you speak with New York cosmetology schools, ask how they can prepare you for licensure.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Before you can begin your career as a hair designer in New York, you must earn your cosmetology license through the New York Division of Licensing Services. They'll require you to complete 1,000 hours of training before they allow you to take the licensing exams. New York hair designers can look forward to a fairly promising job outlook! Between 2010 and 2020, O*Net expects a 12% increase in cosmetology jobs in this state. This works out to over 1,400 job openings per year (O*Net, 2010). The more skills and experience you have, the more job openings may be available to you. Hair design salaries in New York are fairly similar to the national average. Per O*Net, the average salary for a cosmetologist is $21,900 per year. With plenty of education, experience, and seniority, you may be able to earn $45,600 or more per year (O*Net, 2013).

Working as a Hair Designer

Get ready for a fast-paced, exciting job once you start working as a hair designer! Depending on the needs of your clients and your employer, you may have to work a mix of day, evening, and weekend hours. You might have days where you have two or three clients, and then you might have days where you are packed from the start of your shift to the end of your shift. As a hair designer, you can have a big impact on your community. The Huffington Post shares the story of Mark Bustos, a New York hairstylist that spends every Sunday giving free haircuts to the homeless. You might get exclusive opportunities as you improve your skills and become well-known for your talents. Four Corners News reports on New York Fashion Week, a high-end fashion show that only uses the best hairstylists and hair designers. Those with unique talents in hair design may be chosen for this elite role. Even after you have completed your education, you should plan on spending some of your time working on new skills and abilities. Continuing education is important, so you may occasionally go to seminars, classes, or seminars. This allows you to keep on delivering the very best service to your customers.

State board Contact Information

New York Dept. of State Division of Licensing Services
Albany Division of Licensing Services
1 Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor
Albany, NY 12231
Phone Number: 518-474-4429
Fax Number: 518-473-6648

The New York State Board of Cosmetology can answer any of the additional questions you might have about obtaining a New York cosmetology license that we didn’t note above.

As a well-regarded hotspot of style, New York has no shortage of hair care
professionals. To that end, hair design is a highly attractive field for many
who can see themselves being upwardly mobile career-wise. These groups
hold more information as to how.

New York State Division of Licensing Services
Black Beauty Association
Associated Hair Professionals

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