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If you want to make an impression in the glamorous world of skin care, New York is the perfect place to get started.

Since beauty is such an important part of life in New York, professionals here are often among the first in the country have access to new products, tools, and techniques

Esthetician Schools in New York City
State License Requirements

Once your education is finished, you are well on your way to earning an NY esthetics license. The New York Division of Licensing Services verifies your completion of 600 or more training hours. They also require you to earn passing scores on a written exam and a skills exam.

Education Details

Even if you consider yourself a skin care expert, you need to attend an approved New York school to earn your New York esthetician license. Your training should cover skin care theory, state law, and the many techniques and tools used in this industry. Licensed esthetician schools in NY should cover the following topics in their curricula.

Required Topics

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Skin disorders and diseases
  • Composition of body hair
  • Cosmetic products and chemistry
  • Skin analysis
  • Fitzpatrick scale
  • Skin type and condition
  • Cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, and extraction
  • Facial masks
  • Facial massage
  • Makeup application
  • Use of equipment and implements for skin care
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
4 Years
License Renewal Period

A licensing fee is required every 4 years to keep the license valid in the state of New York.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2016 - 2026

With the right skills and plenty of hard work, you may be able to work in a variety of exciting beauty settings in New York. Spas and hair salons are huge parts of the cosmetology industry. However, New York also has a thriving film and stage industry, so you may be able to work with those who rely on their appearance for their career. If you can build a base of high-profile clients, you may have a significant impact on your job outlook and earning potential. In New York, job openings for skin care specialists are expected to increase 20% by the year 2026 (O*Net, 2019). The average salary for a New York skin care specialist is $39,740 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019).

Working as an Esthetician

Estheticians do facials, waxing and other skin treatments. There are a few requirements to become an esthetician in New York.

  • Complete an approved esthetician program
  • Submit an esthetics license application
  • Take the exams required for licensure
  • Begin your career and maintain your license

In the next 8 years there will be an increase of job openings in this field of 12%.

State board Contact Information

New York Dept. of State Division of Licensing Services
Albany Division of Licensing Services
1 Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor
Albany, NY 12231
Phone Number: 518-474-4429
Fax Number: 518-473-6648

The New York State Board of Cosmetology can answer any of the additional questions you might have about obtaining a New York cosmetology license that we didn’t note above.


Find the Beauty Schools in New York that interest you below,

Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics

226 West 26th Street,7th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Program: Esthetics/Skin Care

Thanks for your interest in Atelier Esthétique! At Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics, our mission is: "Excellence in Education, One Student at a Time."   With that in mind, we are a school where Thanks for your interest in Atelier Esthétique! At Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics, our mission is: "Excellence in Education, One Student at a Time."   With that in mind, we are a school where the instructors and staff work directly with you and ultimately prepare you for a career in the exciting world of skin care.    We believe that YOUR SUCCESS is OUR SUCCESS. 10 Reasons to Choose Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics 1.  Esthetics Education.   That’s all we do – and we have been doing it for almost 35 years. 2.  We provide our students with a comprehensive esthetics course that includes both theory and practical training on a wide variety of skin care topics such as facials and body procedures,  superfluous hair removal (waxing),  and make-up. 3.   You will use a variety of product lines – including cosmeceutical and plant based -  all of which prepare you to work with any skin care product line that you will encounter in the workplace. 4.   All of our Instructors are New York State Licensed Estheticians as well as Licensed Instructors with the State Education Department of New York. 5.   The school is licensed by the State Education Department of New York and Nationally Accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences.  6.   Atelier Esthetique Institute was the first esthetics school in the United States to be an accredited college by the International Therapy Exam Council (ITEC), based in London.   Those who become ITEC certified receive international recognition – world-wide! 7.   We offer over 300 hours of advanced, hands-on training courses, including Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, Chemical Peels and Laser Hair Removal, just to name a few. 8. Atelier Esthétique Institute hosts many industry professionals and experts as guest lecturers and instructors so students receive a well-rounded educational experience and gain insight into specialized areas. 9.  The school’s founder,  Annette Hanson, is a nationally recognized and respected authority in the skin care industry.   She is regularly published in skin care industry magazines.  10.  Atelier Esthétique Institute is recognized in New York City and worldwide by employers as go-to source for professionally trained Estheticians.   Our graduates are in high demand and many of our students receive job offers PRIOR to graduating! About Us and YOU! Wherever your future leads, Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics is here to prepare you for a career in skin care.   Our school was established in 1985 by Ms. Annette Hanson,  after years of advanced training and practice perfecting her craft, business acumen and becoming a leading advocate in the field of esthetics.  She was instrumental in development and implementation of the New York State Appearance Enhancement License in Esthetics.    In order to become a success in this field, you must have passion, persistence, and a love of skin care and working with people.   You must have an entrepreneurial spirit as you build your clientele.   To be a professional you must be willing to pursue excellence by continuing to study; always learning about new products, techniques, and procedures, as well as expanding your knowledge base and skill sets. Continuing innovation in technique and training at Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics allows us to meet the challenge of training tomorrow's estheticians.  Our on-site boutique enables students to learn effective retailing, marketing and sales. The courses available at Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics offer practical, hands-on sessions combined with guest lecturers and manufacturer demonstrations.   This provides students with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to obtain a New York State Esthetics or Waxing License. The opportunities in the skin care and beauty industry are endless, and we're here to help prepare you for success! New York State Esthetician Licensing Course Learn everything you need to know to become a licensed esthetician in the state of New York in as little as 16 weeks.  Request more information about upcoming class dates and times and/or schedule a time to visit  and tour our school. New York State Waxing License Course Can't make the commitment to esthetician licensing right now, no problem! Our 75-Hour New York State Waxing licensing course will give you all the hands-on experience you need to know to become a New York state licensed waxing specialist.   We have established relationships with local waxing spas and salons which can help you get a job quickly.   Request more information about upcoming class dates and times and/or to schedule a time to visit and tour our school.  Advanced Training – CONTINUING EDUCATION Getting your esthetician license is just the start of your new career in the skin industry.   We have ongoing advanced training courses that help students build their resumes, expand their skill sets, and advance their careers.   Request more information for upcoming class dates and times.  Courses offered  include (but are not limited to):  Chemical Peels ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) Diplomas: Beauty Treatments and Facial Electrical Treatments Laser / IPL Hair Removal Manual Lymphatic Drainage Microdermabrasion Microcurrent Technology Dermaplaning and Microneedling for Estheticians Eyelash Extensions Brazilian Waxing Salon / Spa Management... and more! If you want the best possible education in the skin care, one that leads to acquiring real world skills in order to succeed in the exciting world of beauty and skin care, contact us today to learn more about how Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics can help you. We look forward to hearing from you! "Excellence in Education, One Student at a Time"
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New York School of Esthetics & Day Spa, Inc.

239 Central Avenue, 3rd floor,
White Plains, NY 10606

Program: Esthetics/Skin Care

Classes only offered in English Our Dedication to You We are very proud of offering the best professional environment and course curriculum to our students when preparing them for their New York State Board Classes only offered in English Our Dedication to You We are very proud of offering the best professional environment and course curriculum to our students when preparing them for their New York State Board Exam. The three major skin care subjects covered are facials make up applications waxing New York State requires a student successfully passes the 600-hour Esthetic course before taking the State Board Exam. Esthetics The word esthetics originates from the Greek word aesthetikos, which means perceptible to the senses. The primary role of an esthetician is to enhance and correct the beauty and health of the skin. We encourage you to review our course outline and enrollment procedures. We are available for any additional questions and to schedule a visit of our skin care facilities. Course Goals The Esthetics course is designed so that students who graduate are prepared to pass their State Board and to attain an entry-level job in Esthetics. Although placement assistance service is provided, the school cannot guarantee a job to any student or graduate. Course Topics The program is comprised of the following topics: Orientation Safety and Health Bacteriology Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology Structure & Functions of Skin Superfluous Hair Chemistry Chemistry applied to Cosmetics Electricity & Machines Facial & Body Procedures Make up Techniques Business Practices Job Skills Intro to Paramedical Esthetics State Board Preparation Course Format All units of this course are taught both in theory and practical aspects of esthetics. The teaching techniques used are lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops. Classes are taught in English. Course Requirements Pass all written and practical exams, attend in no less than 80% of each subject (class) and hold a 70% or better grade point average. Course Grading Students are required to maintain a 70% or C average. Written and practical tests are given throughout the entire course. Instructors sign off clinical practice work. Theory exams will be graded numerically. Practical exams will be graded on preparation, performance, cleanliness, and end results. Academic and Attendance progress will be measured at mid-point and 480 hours. Students who meet the minimum requirements for attendance and academic progress shall be considered to be making satisfactory progress until the next evaluation. In order for a student to be considered making satisfactory progress, the student must meet both attendance and academic minimum requirements on at least one evaluation by the midpoint of the course. Instructional Methods Lectures, guest speakers, videos, conferences, software training, practical (hands-on) practice, reception, and sanitation.
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