Esthetician Education & Licensing Requirements in Montana

Esthetics/Skin Care

With an esthetician's skills, tools and facial manipulations, you can give clients beautiful skin that doesn't need a single Instagram filter.

Skin care is a growing part of the beauty industry, with clients spending more on services, high-end products, and expert treatments every year

State License Requirements

Once you've completed your training and done what it takes to become a confident skin care specialist, you can move on to the licensing process. The Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists requires you to pass a written test and a skills test, in addition to paying a licensing fee of $80.

Education Details

Before you can work your magic on clients’ skin, you need to know how skin works, what interventions work with different skin problems, and what the latest research says about skin care. That's where training comes in! Esthetics training in Montana provides students with at least 650 hours of education. Over the course of your training, you should get plenty of experience with theory and practical techniques, including the topics below.

Topics Taught at MT Esthetic Schools

  • Salon management
  • Business methods
  • Customer service
  • Bacteriology
  • Sanitation
  • Sterilization and safety
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Diseases and disorders of the skin
  • Massage
  • Skin care
  • Makeup
  • Facials
  • Artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Waxing
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
2 Years
License Renewal Period

A licensing fee is required every 2 years to keep the license valid in the state of Montana.

National Job Outlook Increase
Between 2018 - 2028

Salaries in Montana are in line with national averages. On average, Montana skin care specialists earn $39,710 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019).

Working as an Esthetician

Estheticians in Montana are a large part of this state's beauty industry, providing in-demand services to people of all backgrounds and ages. If you are all about facial skin care and makeup, you can focus on chemical peels, facials, scrubs, and makeup application. Interested in whole-body skin care? Pull in clients with body wraps, mud packs, and detox scrubs. Whatever you're passionate about in the world of esthetics, bring it to the customers of your spa, salon, or resort!

State board Contact Information

Montana State Board of Cosmetology
301 South Park, PO Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620-0513
Phone Number: 406-841-2202 and 406-841-2205
Fax Number: 406-841-2323
E-mail Address:,, and

The Montana State Board of Cosmetology can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology license, updating change of name or change of address information, and acquiring out-of-state and other useful forms, as well as answer additional questions about obtaining a Montana state cosmetology license.

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