Esthetician Education & Licensing Requirements in South Dakota

Esthetics/Skin Care
South Dakota

When you meet someone who takes great care of their skin, it can be hard to tell their real age. That's why esthetics is gaining popularity all over the country, including states like South Dakota.

As women and men age, they are looking for ways to get back their youth and feel great when they look in the mirror! When you become an esthetician, you can provide a huge range of services at local salons and spas to keep clients happy and looking youthful.

State License Requirements

All licensing goes through the South Dakota Cosmetology Commission. To apply for an esthetician license, you must submit an application and proof of 600 hours of training. After passing your licensing exams, it's time to get out there and start your job search!

Education Details

To become licensed as an esthetician in South Dakota, you do have to attend an approved esthetics program. After mastering skin care theory, you get to put your new knowledge to work by practicing on mannequins and real clients. Licensed schools in this state are required to teach the topics listed below.

Topics Taught at SD Esthetic Schools

  • Infection control and safety
  • Skin histology, dermatology, nutrition, anatomy, and physiology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Consultation and analysis
  • Chemical facial treatments
  • Electrical and mechanical facial treatments
  • Body treatments
  • Massage manipulations
  • Makeup and eyelash application
  • Hair removal and eyebrow shaping
  • Business practices
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
1 Year
License Renewal Period

Cosmetology license renewal in South Dakota happens annually. You must renew your license by your birthday each year to keep your license valid. Cosmetology instructors are required to get 12 hours of cosmetology continuing education per year; most other cosmetology licenses do not currently have any continuing education requirements. You will have to complete CEUs if you want to offer microdermabrasion or electric nail filing services. Personal beauty practitioner licenses cost $20 to renew and instructor licenses cost $25 to renew.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2016 - 2026
Working as an Esthetician

Getting involved in the field of esthetics means that you can take your career in several different directions over the years. As a new skin care specialist, you may work for a local salon or spa. Larger cities like Sioux Falls tend to have the largest variety of employment options. As you hustle and build your base of clients, you may be ready to branch out and dip your toe into the pool of self-employment. Whether you decide to open your own skin care spa or rent a room at a local business, self-employment may give you lots of professional freedom. South Dakota is home to many resorts that promote relaxation and give visitors from all over the Midwest a chance to enjoy the state's natural hot springs. Depending on the day, you may help clients unwind with aroma-Reiki massage, raindrop therapy, myofascial release, or other skin care services.

State board Contact Information

South Dakota Cosmetology Commission
500 East Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone Number: 605-773-6193
Fax Number: 605-773-7175
E-mail Address:

The South Dakota Cosmetology Commission can answer questions about getting, transferring or renewing your South Dakota cosmetology license.

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