Nail Technology

From French tips and nail decals to gel nails and nail wraps, there are dozens of ways you can make fingernails and toenails look healthy and well-maintained. Why not learn about all of these techniques and start a career as a nail technician?

Nail technicians work flexible hours at hair and nail salons across Oklahoma, often earning a competitive base salary and tips. This is a field with lots of room for growth if you are willing to work hard.

State License Requirements

At this point, it’s time to submit proof of your education to the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. They also collect a $60 licensing fee. You must put your skills and knowledge to the test by passing two licensing exams. Finally, you get your initial license and you are free to work in Oklahoma.

Education Details

In the world of beauty, it’s all about what you know. When you attend a nail tech program in Oklahoma, you can look forward to getting lots of experience with mannequin hands and clients. As you grow professionally, you get valuable feedback from your clients and your instructors, giving you ways to improve your work and become more efficient. To qualify for a license in Oklahoma, you need at least 600 hours of training at an accredited school.

Oklahoma Nail School Course Options

  • Sanitation and disinfection
  • Bacteriology
  • Nail structure and composition
  • Nail disorders and diseases
  • Manicuring and pedicuring
  • Artificial nails
  • Nail art
  • Salon management and ownership
  • Oklahoma laws and regulations
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
1 Year
License Renewal Period

Oklahoma manicurists and nail technicians must complete a training program that includes at least 600 hours of practical work. You will also need to pass the written and practical exams administered by the state. Once you receive your manicurist license in Oklahoma, you will need to renew it every year, no later than your birthday. The fee for renewal is $25, or $30 if you are an instructor. Ohio does not require practitioners or instructors to take continuing education units as part of the license or renewal process.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

As this field grows, you’ll likely find that there are many reasons to become a nail technician in Oklahoma. From 2014 through 2024, O*Net expects to see an 11% increase in job openings for Oklahoma nail technicians (2016). Currently, the average salary for a nail technician in Oklahoma is $20,310 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). The more time you spend working in this field and building a positive reputation for yourself, the more flexibility you may have in your schedule, income, and career options.

Working as a Nail Technician

A potentially satisfying job option for trained nail technologists is servicing the needs of beauty salon and spa clients. A nail technologist may apply gel nails, silk wraps, manicures, acrylic nails, and pedicures to salon clients seeking to beautify and maintain their hands and feet. A technologist may also work independently making house calls, or open a traditional brick and mortar nail salon. According to job forecasts, trained Oklahoma nail technologists have a pleasing job outlook.

Some of the most popular salons in Oklahoma are:

State board Contact Information

State of Oklahoma Board of Cosmetology
2401 NW 23rd, Suite 84, Shepherd Mall
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Phone Number: 405-521-2441
Fax Number: 405-521-2440
E-mail Address:

The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology can help with updating a change of name or change of address as well as answer any questions about your Oklahoma cosmetology license.

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