Massage Therapy Training in Minnesota

Massage Therapy

Nothing can help someone de-stress and enjoy a little relaxation like a good massage. Whether you’ve got a knack for working the knots out or you’re just starting to learn about massage therapy, you may want to learn more about massage therapy schools in Minnesota. You can reach out to schools directly from our site to learn more about how to get started.

Before you choose a massage therapy school, you may want to learn about the licensing requirements in your city. There are no unified requirements across Minnesota, so licensing is usually done on a city-by-city basis. However, most cities do not require massage therapists to apply for licensure or certification before starting their career.

State License Requirements
Varies by Municipality

Massage therapist licensure does not fall under state jurisdiction in Minnesota. The state of Minnesota does not currently have any licensing or registration requirements for massage therapists. However, many cities do have registration requirements for massage therapists. It’s important to contact your county or city’s Department of Public Health to find out if you must register as a massage therapist before working.

Education Details

When you begin your training as a massage therapist, you may take many courses on the human body and how it works. Courses in this category include Anatomy & Physiology, Gross Anatomy Laboratory, and Kinesiology. Once you have a strong grasp of the functioning of the human body, you can start learning individual massage techniques. You may study various types of massage, such as Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Hands-on practice is a crucial part of this degree, so you may get the chance to work with real patients to perfect your skills.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
3 Years*
License Renewal Period

Minnesota does not have one regulatory agency for the entire state. This means that every county has its own regulations, fees, renewal requirements and other unique characteristics. That’s why it is critical to speak with advisors at massage therapy schools in your area. They will be able to tell you what kind of program you should seek, in regards to training hours and other elements that may make a huge difference when you want to start working. You can also contact the Minnesota Department of Health with your additional questions.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Minnesota has a promising job outlook for massage therapists, so you may find a variety of opportunities after you complete your education. From 2012 until 2022, O*Net anticipates an 18% increase in massage therapy job openings in Minnesota. This is expected to lead to 100 new job openings per year in this state. By starting your career in Minnesota, you may earn a higher-than average salary, as Minnesota salaries tend to be above the national average. O*Net reports that massage therapists in Minnesota earn an average salary of $40,100 per year. A lot may depend on where you work. You may open your own massage parlor, which comes with its own expenses and a potentially higher earning potential. If you work for a high-end salon or spa, you may be able to increase your earning ability through tips and gratuities.

Working as a Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is a very diverse field, so completing your education in this field may give you the chance to work in many different settings with a variety of clients. Niki Swarthout is a successful massage therapist and private practice owner that thoroughly enjoys her work. She notes that this is a very physically demanding job, so you need a lot of physical strength to work in massage therapy every day. Swarthout says that one of the most enjoyable aspects of working in massage therapy is helping those who suffer from injuries. Bringing relief to patients is incredibly satisfying, particularly when patients have tried many other routes and not found anything that works. As a massage therapist, you may work in a salon or spa. Many beauty-based businesses offer massage services to clients. However, some therapists go on to own their own practices and take on the role of business owner. This may allow you slightly more flexibility in your schedule and the freedom to build your business as you wish. You may also work on a freelance basis with clients, in nursing homes, or in salons. As you near the end of your education, you may wish to look into the different options available in your area and find the options that work best for you.

State board Contact Information

Minnesota has no state licensing requirements. Some cities and counties do have their own requirements, but they will vary depending on what area you are operating in. With so many variables, it is especially important that those interested in becoming a massage therapist in Minnesota take advantage of the many organizations available for professional networking.

Some of the largest state organizations are: 

  • American Massage Therapy Association: Minnesota Chapter
  • Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals 
  • Minnesota Touch Movement Network
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