Massage Therapy Training in Indiana

Massage Therapy

Massage schools in Indiana want to teach you the art of using touch to treat injuries, lower stress, and improve overall wellness and fitness in clients. This profession is expected to grow faster than average as more people learn about the benefits of massage therapy, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It is also a highly flexible profession, so graduates of massage schools in Indiana can often work full or part-time, be self-employed, or work at a clinic or spa among other settings. Since massage therapy is a skilled profession, nearly all states, including Indiana, require licensing and a formal education, such as those offered at one of the Indiana massage schools below.

State License Requirements

The Indiana State Board of Massage therapy regulates licensing of massage therapists in the state. They require students obtain at least 500 hours of instruction in massage therapy, assessment, application of massage therapy techniques to clients, human anatomy, body systems and illnesses, as well as business practices and ethics. Unlike many other states, Indiana allows students to take any one of four national certification exams: NCETM, NCETMB, MBLEx or NCE. Most states require passing a test from only one or two national certification agencies. Indiana massage therapy licenses expire every four years, whereas most other states licenses expire at the end of two years. Many Indiana massage therapy schools offer a supervised student massage clinic that is open to the public and allows students the opportunity to work with a variety of people and to practice their massage techniques. These clinics are very popular with clients seeking quality massage therapy at bargain prices.

Education Details

Massage therapy schools in Indiana teach students the art of using touch to lower stress, treat injuries and improve the overall fitness of their clients. The profession of massage therapy is growing faster than the average for other careers nation-wide according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Massage therapists use touch to manipulate the tissues of the body to improve circulation of blood and lymph, increase oxygen supplies to the body, and treat muscle and tissue injuries and to lengthen chronically shortened muscles. This brings about reduced stress and fatigue, improvements in body movement and muscle health and overall improvements in client well-being. Becoming a licensed massage therapist is a career well matched to a person who enjoys helping others physically feel better and who is interested in body systems and how they relate to general health.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
4 Years*
License Renewal Period

If you want to start your massage therapy career in Indiana, you will first need to complete a 500-hour training program to develop your skills and qualify for licensure. Practitioners in this state are required to renew their licenses every 4 years, and pay a fee of $150. The deadline for license renewal is May 15th, and processed by the Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy. Unlike many other states, Indiana does not require continuing education units between renewal periods. You can navigate the renewal process on their site right here.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Indiana massage therapists earn a mean annual salary of $36,430 before tips, according to surveys by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is close to the national mean annual salary of $39,920. The field of massage therapy is highly flexible, so massage therapists in Indiana can work full or part time, work for themselves as private practitioners, or at a medical clinic or hospital.

Working as a Massage Therapist

Licensed massage therapists work in spas, hotels, private massage studios, hotels and resorts. They work with all age ranges of people, from infants to the elderly. Many massage therapists specialize in one or more techniques such as Swedish massage, sports massage, Reflexology or other methods.

State board Contact Information

Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy 402 W. Washington Street, Room W072 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 Phone: 317-234-8800 Fax: 317-233-4236 Email: When becoming a massage therapist, it is important to make sure that they network with the right people to make the most of their business. Below, there are a couple of professional organizations that massage therapists can join and become a part of to network and keep up-to-date on the latest techniques.

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