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There are many reasons to consider getting your massage training in Alabama. Alabama massage schools prepare students for a variety of career paths. Graduates of massage schools in Alabama may have the option to work in spas or for sports teams, for example. A graduate may also be employed as part of a rehabilitation facility or even form a small business of their own.

The variety of employment opportunities in the Heart of Dixie is one of the reasons why the BLS projects that the demand for massage therapists is expected to increase by 20 percent over the next decade. From Birmingham to Montgomery, Alabama massage schools could be your path to success.

State License Requirements
Not Regulated

Students complete at least 650 hours of education to perform a number of massage techniques to help clients improve their health. Massage therapy students also learn about anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and business practices. Massage schools in Alabama give students opportunities to practice their skills under supervision of experienced instructors and massage therapists. The State of Alabama requires that all massage therapists to be licensed by the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy and certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. After completion of the training hours, massage therapy students complete their National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB) exams as well as completing practical and or oral examinations administered by the State of Alabama Board. If the above are successfully completed, the massage student becomes certified and licensed to practice in Alabama.

Education Details

Alabama massage therapists help clients improve their health and wellness through manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, aiding circulation and improving muscle health. As a student at an Alabama massage therapy school you will learn to give each client individualized care to relieve pain and stress. After you have completed a massage education program you will take exams to become a certified massage therapist in Alabama. Alabama massage training is ideal for students energized about health and wellness. Alabama massage therapy schools require a high school diploma or equivalent for enrollment, and students must be at least 18 years of age.

License Renewal
Not Regulated

If you want to work as a massage therapist in Alabama, then you’re probably wondering about licensure cost, the renewal process, and everything else you might need to think of to work legally. First of all, Alabama requires a minimum of 650 training hours, plus 16 continuing education units (CEU’s), and the required fee in order to renew your license every two years. The deadlines for expiration will match the day/month in which it was issued. The fee for license and renewal is $100 due every two years.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Salaries for Alabama massage therapists can range from $18,830 to $31,340 per year before tips according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The field of massage therapy in Alabama is expected to grow by 20% by 2020 especially as the field becomes more respected and professional in the treatment of pain and injuries. Massage therapy for the elderly is also expected to grow as many people are leading longer and more active lives. It is important to note that the cost of living in Alabama is approximately 10% lower overall than in the United States as a whole. Trained and certified Alabama massage therapists have the flexibility to create their own schedules by being self-employed, or by working in salons, spas, resorts and chiropractic clinics. Consider one of these Alabama massage schools to start working towards a career in a state that could steal your heart in the Heart of Dixie.

Working as a Massage Therapist

A massage therapist assist clients with muscle issues that stem from stress or too much physical assertion. In Alabama, massage therapists can work for a variety of different employers, including health clinics, sports teams, health spas and more. An individual who wishes to become a massage therapist needs to obtain a massage therapy certificate before entering into employment. The average yearly salary for a massage therapist is $38,040 per year, with high growth rate expected. Some well respected clinics that offer massage therapy in Alabama are:

State board Contact Information

The Alabama Board of Massage Therapy is located at 2777 Zelda Road, Montgomery, AL 36106. They can be directly contacted via phone, (334) 420-7233 or 866-873-4664, or by fax (334-263-6115). They do not have a direct email to be contacted at, but when seeking information one can request information by filling out a form providing their email address. Being a part of this organization and other professional ones allows massage therapists to network to gain access to needed information and colleagues. Below are a couple of those organizations and their websites to browse through:

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