Massage Therapy Training in North Carolina

Massage Therapy
North Carolina

The scenic Atlantic coastline in North Carolina is home to many oceanfront spas that are eager to hire talented massage therapists. One could work in a salon or spa, a doctor's office, for a sports team, or work as an independent practitioner.

Massage schools in North Carolina can provide the proper training to become a successful therapist and offer rich education that explores the human body as well as holistic healing methods. If you enjoy working with your hands and have a strong passion for wellness, massage therapy might be for you.

State License Requirements

The North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy requires potential licensees to complete at least 500 hours at a board approved massage therapy school. They must also obtain a passing score on a national certification examination from the NCETM/TMB, MBLEx or NCCAOM. A well-trained massage therapist will know a diversity of massage modalities and use that knowledge to create effective and individualized massages for their clients. Becoming a licensed massage therapist in North Carolina could allow you to work in a variety of unique roles or even to be your own boss as a sole practitioner.

Education Details

Massage therapy students in North Carolina have one key thing in common - they appreciate the opportunity to help other people. They are interested in the art of bodywork and are looking for a professional career that can be both personally and professionally fulfilling. In massage college, students learn about anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology in the human body. They learn to apply their learning in the practice of massage and bodywork therapies. Today massage therapy is a mainstream part of many people's self-care and maintenance. If you enjoy helping others, are interested in the art of bodywork and are looking for a professional career that helps people achieve true wellness, you should explore your potential in the art and science of massage.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
3 Years*
License Renewal Period

To work as a professional massage therapist in North Carolina, you will need to complete a 500-hour training course first, and then pass the state exam requirements, which covers all the critical rules and regulations. Additionally, you will have to complete at least 24 credits of continuing education courses between each renewal period. Your initial license will cost $210 ($190 plus $20 application request fee). You will renew your license every two years for a fee of $100 with your renewal application.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2010 that massage therapists in North Carolina can earn a mean annual salary of $43,890, and annual salaries can range between $20,860 and $67,280.The field of massage therapy is projected to grow by 20% over the next several years . By attending a massage therapy school in North Carolina, you could give yourself the chance to work in a high-value, in-demand professional field.

Working as a Massage Therapist

Asheville, North Carolina ranked 9th among all metropolitan areas in the United States for the highest concentration of massage jobs and locations for practicing the profession. Massage therapists in the state offer their services at sites such as inns, hotels and bread and breakfasts, day spas, holistic wellness centers, health clubs, massage therapy clinics, medical offices, salons, and spas among others. One large market that is emerging is the Baby Boomer generation. They are described as the most health conscious group of people in American history.

State board Contact Information

North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy P.O. Box 2539 Raleigh, NC 27602 Phone: 919-546-0050 Fax: 919-833-1059 Email: When becoming a massage therapist, it can be difficult to get started with your career, and one way to do this is by joining a professional massage therapist based in the state of North Carolina. Below, massage therapists in North Carolina can find a couple of associations they can join in the state to help them network.

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