Makeup Artist Training in North Carolina

Make-Up Artist Training
North Carolina

Makeup is truly one of the quickest ways to transform someone's appearance! Everyone has beautiful traits to bring out, and makeup can make it just a bit easier. If you want to spend your days helping people discover their beauty and teaching customers how to recreate your looks at home, makeup artist training in North Carolina may be the next step in your career.

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Makeup Schools in Charlotte
State License Requirements

There is not an official license for makeup artists; you will need to earn your esthetics license if you want to work as a professional in North Carolina. An esthetics program can teach you additional skills that you can offer to your makeup clients. You may also choose a cosmetology program if you want to learn hair and nail skills, or open your own salon one day.

Education Details

Before you can start choosing colors and coming up with creative makeup designs, you need to know what you're working with. Makeup artists have a huge variety of tools in their makeup kits, and you have to be knowledgeable about every single brush, applicator, and cleanser you carry with you. A big part of proper makeup application is knowing your clients. Everyone has different face shapes, skin types, and color preferences. If you perform a proper client assessment at the beginning of each appointment, you can feel confident in delivering a look that makes your client look great while fulfilling their needs. Customer service is a prominent part of makeup artist training! Some of your training may delve into daily makeup looks. Customers may come to you to find a daily makeup routine that they can repeat at home. Learning about quick and easy makeup techniques allows you to give clients a practical makeup look. Of course, you also need to be skilled at special event makeup. A significant part of your education may cover wedding makeup, stage makeup, and other types of makeup that clients may request.

License Renewal
Hours required vary by licensure

To renew your license, you will need to pay a $20 fee every year.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

When you become a makeup artist, you can earn a variety of salaries. A lot depends on what type of work you take on; freelancers may work irregular hours and have fluctuating income, while those who work for a salon or department store may have a more stable income. Per O*Net, the median salary for a North Carolina beauty professional is $21,800 per year. Those with lots of education or experience may earn more than $49,200 per year (O*Net, 2013). As you develop your skills and create a reputation for your makeup abilities, your income may increase. Makeup artists can typically look forward to a strong job outlook. In the years between 2010 and 2020, O*Net expects job openings for beauty professionals to increase by 13%. The job outlook may be more promising in cities, where people tend to go for special event makeup or other beauty needs.

Working as a Makeup Artist

So you want to succeed in the field of makeup artistry—get ready to work hard and prove yourself every single day! This field can be competitive, so you may need to work long hours to demonstrate your capabilities to employers and clients. There are several ways you can start a career in makeup. You might work at a makeup counter in a department store or take on a makeup artist job at a dedicated cosmetics store. In both cases, you'll likely earn a base salary plus commissions. Nights and weekends are a common requirement in this field. If you would prefer to forge out on your own, you can become a freelance makeup artist. This may involve traveling to people's homes and doing their makeup for them or doing makeup out of a room in your house. Since you must fit into your clients' schedules to do freelance work, this route may involve working erratic hours. Improving your skills and expanding your client base can give you limitless options in your career. Jeanine Lobell, a highly successful makeup artist, started out doing basic makeup for clients. Her skills have allowed her to create a well-known makeup line, work on the sets of major movies, and do makeup for some of the biggest makeup companies in the world. No matter where you want to go, it all starts with the right education. Ready to rock your makeup artist training and become a true professional? Use our site to connect with beauty schools in North Carolina today!

State board Contact Information

North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
121 Edinbough Dr S Suite 09
Cary, North Carolina 27511
Phone Number: 919-736-6123
Fax Number: 919-678-3012

If you need help updating a change of name or address, acquiring out-of-state transfer forms, or need help with additional questions about obtaining a North Carolina cosmetology license, contact the NC Board using the information above.


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Aveda Institute Chapel Hill

200 West Franklin Street,
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Program: Cosmetology

Welcome The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill opened in early 2005 and is located in the heart of the Franklin Street district, adjacent to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Welcome The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill opened in early 2005 and is located in the heart of the Franklin Street district, adjacent to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The facility has new classroom and clinic areas and an Aveda Environmental Lifestyle Store. This combination creates a dynamic, full service educational experience. The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill offers courses in Cosmetology and Esthiology. Get Started Today! Mission Our mission at the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is to inspire and educate our students, our team and our guests about beauty, fashion, wellness and nature. The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill is committed to fostering an environment of respect and trust in order to allow students to express their individuality and creativity. We at the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill are committed to creating the highest quality learning environment, through passion for creativity, respect for each other and care for our community. By supporting our students in this manner, we enable them to provide service that exceeds our guests' expectations Program Offerings The Aveda Institute Chapel Hill was founded to create the most successful entrepreneurs in the beauty and skin care industry. Our curriculum includes practical knowledge gained from today’s most successful masters in hair care, skin care, makeup, total body care and retail services. Cosmetology Express your creativity and talent in hair, skin and nail care and makeup application. Our cosmetology course incorporates extensive hands-on learning to provide you a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. Upon completion, you will be ready to succeed as a licensed cosmetologist. Esthiology Prepare for an exciting future in skin care with the Aveda Institute Chapel Hill. Our Esthiology curriculum provides skin care, body care and makeup training with an emphasis on using pure flower and plant essences in treatments. Upon completion, you will be ready to succeed as a licensed esthetician.
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Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Charlotte

1520 South Blvd., Suite 150,
Charlotte, NC 28203

Program: Cosmetology

Come With A Dream, Train For A Career The AVEDA Institute was founded to create some of the most successful entrepreneurs in hair, skin and nail esthetics, makeup and total body wellness. Students Come With A Dream, Train For A Career The AVEDA Institute was founded to create some of the most successful entrepreneurs in hair, skin and nail esthetics, makeup and total body wellness. Students are educated by professionals, using innovative curriculums that blend professional techniques with retail and business-building skills. Experience the AVEDA difference and start your journey today! • iPad Mini included in every kit • Digital curriculum offers 24/7 access • CampAVEDA immersion program • Salon tours & career fairs • License fees included • 8, 000 salons, spas, institutes and stores in 32 countries Why Aveda With over 30 years of nurturing beauty, environmental leadership and responsibility, AVEDA sources organic, plant-based alternatives to synthetic chemicals and packaging, providing high-performing, award-winning products that are good for professionals, our guests and the earth. AVEDA is the first beauty company manufacturing with 100% certified wind power. By committing to alternative energy sources we can all have an impact on the energy we consume and help lower our carbon footprint. Programs Offered Cosmetology Training Program Express your creativity and talent! Our Cosmetology program and master student phase incorporate theory with extensive hands on experience to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. The Cosmetology course includes hair cutting, color, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, retail knowledge and the concept of gaining and retaining clients. Upon completion, students move on to the master student phase for intensive real-world training to hone their skills. Esthiology Training Program The AVEDA Institute's innovative Esthiology program offers students the opportunity to learn specialized techniques to balance and renew the skin, body and elemental nature. Hands-on clinical experience includes facials, waxing, makeup application, business development, wellness and retail knowledge. Upon graduation, participants will be prepared to take the state licensing examination, opening the door to a future as an esthetician. What They Say About Us "My favorite part about the AVEDA Institute is the level of growth I have experienced. This process began from day one with the specialized, individual attention I received from my educators. This attention has continued and I feel very comfortable being able to express myself in ways I didn't think possible. Now I'm very outgoing and have the confidence to perform all techniques I‘ve learned. So far this career is a really great journey and I enjoy being challenged at the AVEDA Institute, which has truly encouraged me to be the best "me" I can be."  - Kaitlyn, student Financial Aid available to those who qualify.
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