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How to Become a Makeup Artist in Delaware

Delaware Makeup Artist Careers At a Glance
  • The average salary for makeup artists in Delaware is $48,304 ($23.22/hour). This is higher than the national average of $43,658 ($20.99/hour).
  • There is a predicted 13% job increase between 2016-2026 for cosmetologists, including makeup artists. This is higher than the expected national growth of 9%.

Once you see the transformative power of makeup, you'll realize that you can do almost anything with it! Perhaps you already know what makeup can do for you, and that's why you're considering a career as a makeup artist.

As a makeup artist, you may teach clients how to apply makeup themselves, apply cosmetics for special events like weddings, or even work as a makeup artist for the stage or screen. If you''ve never applied makeup professionally, attending a makeup artist training program in Delaware can help you develop the skills you need to succeed. Contact the schools you find on our site to learn more.

State License Requirements

In Delaware, the field of makeup artistry is not regulated. However, to do anything beyond basic makeup application, you’ll need an esthetician’s license. You may become an esthetician with 600 hours of training at an approved program or 1,200 hours of apprenticeship training. From there, you must pass your licensing exams through PCS.

Education Details

Training programs vary in length, since makeup artists do not need to be licensed in Delaware. As a result, you may concentrate more on certain skills depending on which program you choose. You may study industry terminology, which can help you work with others in the makeup industry. While studying theory, you may cover topics like skin structure and terminology, analysis of facial architecture, and color theory. In addition, you may discover how to communicate with clients, properly analyze their needs, and deliver the services they want. Practical skills are a crucial part of makeup artist training. In your curriculum, you may learn application techniques for different products, how to trim and perfect brows, and how to apply fake eyelashes. After you practice these skills on mannequin heads and your fellow students, you can work with real clients to learn how to use your skills on clients of varying needs.

License Renewal

If you earn your esthetician's license, you will need to renew it by March 31st in even-numbered years.

Delaware Makeup Artistry Careers


Average yearly salary for makeup artistry in Delaware

As a makeup artist, quite a bit of your job outlook and salary potential depends on what setting you work in. Many makeup artists take on freelance jobs, in which case your income and schedule depends on your clients' needs and how well you market your skills. If you work in a department store or beauty salon, you may have set hours and get paid hourly, rather than by the number of clients you get. Salaries in this field vary a lot from artist to artist. However, O*Net reports that the average salary for a Delaware cosmetology professional is $48,304 per year. The job outlook in this state is quite positive. Between 2016 and 2026, O*Net anticipates a 13% increase in job openings in Delaware.

Once you start your career as a makeup artist, get ready to dedicate yourself to your clients. Customer service is an important part of this career, so you must be willing to make sure your customers are happy, even if that means changing your plans halfway through a cosmetics application or interpreting a client's vague requests. Your schedule and work settings may change from week to week, or even from day to day. If you work freelance, your day may be split up into several different client appointments, while a salon or department store job may allow you more steady hours. Freelance makeup artists often travel to their customers' homes to make makeup application more convenient for their clients. You may also work in hotels or churches if you're doing makeup for special events. Becoming a makeup artist may give you the chance to make a name for yourself in the beauty industry. Naomi Giannapolos, a makeup artist who trained under well-known fashion professional Roberto Cavalli, found herself gaining popularity on Instagram. She's now the most popular makeup artist on the platform, with over four million followers. Marketing yourself and your skills properly can lead to great success.

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